• KarbonKitt

    There's been a lot of dispute about this, and after noticing that the new GUI shows some augment damage buffs such as smite infusion with bonuses higher than +200%, I did some investigating.

    First, thanks to Stefe for helping me test this.

    The test was conducted with Smite infusion, with damage mods totaling to +156% power strength. This would make smite infusion grant a +320% bonus, over the proposed limit of +200%. (2.56*125%) The weapon was the classic Braton, without any mods. The enemies were level 10 Corpus Crewman, and level 10 Moa. Initial damage before augmenting showed that the Braton did 20 damage to a Moas health, and 22 damage to a Corpus Crewmans. After casting Smite infusion, this damage went to 100 against Moa health, and 84 …

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  • KarbonKitt

    Since the Advent of Melee 2.0, 26 Unique stances have been released. I've taken the time to record what ones I could get my hands on, as well as find others to compile into a playlist of all the new stances. The YouTube playlist for the stances can be found here.

    However, there are 7 stances which I have not found videos for. These are marked in red on the table below. An assistance in acquiring these videos would be greatly appreciated.

    Bleeding Willow Brutal Tide Burning Wasp Clashing Forest Cleaving Whirlwind Coiling Viper Crimson Dervish
    Crossing Snakes Crushing Ruin Flailing Branch Fracturing Wind Gleaming Talon Gnashing Payara Grim Fury
    Homing Fang Iron Phoenix Pointed Wind Rending Crane Seismic Palm Shattering Storm Shimmering Blight

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  • KarbonKitt

    So we got clan tiers in update 9, they're pretty fair, I say they should be divided up more, but here's their biggest problem:

    First the tiers

    • Ghost: 1-10 players
    • Shadow: 11-30 players
    • Storm: 31-100 players
    • Mountain: 101-300 players
    • Moon: 301-1000 players

    To advance in tier, you either reached the next player range or build the next tier of hall. But there's a catch, if one player accidentally recuruits that 11th player, your prices tripple. If you kick that 11th player, your prices stay trippled, and if you deconstruct your great hall, they still stay raised.

    So don't upgrade unless you're really sure, the prices don't scale by player number, they scale by tier.

    Rare resources are more common than commons now. That is all.

    It's drops work like the C…

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  • KarbonKitt

    So these two new mods from nightmare missions, somethings off about 'em.

    Directly from the mod description of Focus Energy:

    "Converts +10% of Energy used to Bonus Damage on next Melee Attack. Store up to +0.2 Bonus Damage."

    And Directly from the mod description of Rending Strike:

    "Converts +15% of Energy used to Bonus Damage on next Melee Attack. Store up to +0.2 Bonus Damage."

    Both mods have a base cost of 6, and can be upgraded a total of 3 times. The only other difference is Focus energy is a V polarity, and Rending Strike is a bar polarity.

    What the 'ell?

    Found new info, updated their respective mod pages.

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