Since the Advent of Melee 2.0, 26 Unique stances have been released. I've taken the time to record what ones I could get my hands on, as well as find others to compile into a playlist of all the new stances. The YouTube playlist for the stances can be found here.

However, there are 7 stances which I have not found videos for. These are marked in red on the table below. An assistance in acquiring these videos would be greatly appreciated.

Bleeding Willow Brutal Tide Burning Wasp Clashing Forest Cleaving Whirlwind Coiling Viper Crimson Dervish
Crossing Snakes Crushing Ruin Flailing Branch Fracturing Wind Gleaming Talon Gnashing Payara Grim Fury
Homing Fang Iron Phoenix Pointed Wind Rending Crane Seismic Palm Shattering Storm Shimmering Blight
Sinking Talon Reaping Spiral Sundering Weave Swirling Tiger Tranquil Cleave

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