• I live in Canada
  • I am Ash,Frost,Loki,Volt,Vauban,Banshee and Mag
  • Kazeoishii

    Hello, The YoroZuya Clan is currently recruiting if you are interested please add KazeOishii on your friends list in game. the requirements are that you be active in the clan (contributing). I am on most of the time to help anyone. we already have 3 rooms done and are half way done another with just 12+ people so far

    The names of every general are as follows

    Warlord: KazeOishii (me)

    General: Aplethoraof

    General: Keal68

    General: ShadowHawk11

    General: Infernist

    General: Boonlegend

    These are the original founders of the clan.

    All members have the privilage of hosting the dojo and adding new members. any questions you have please leave below

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