• Ken1)rick

    Hello everyone,

    I'm posting this because, as I read all over the blog posts, I think there's no Endgame in Warframe.

    For you to understand how I feel I have to tell you more about me ^^ :

    I'm familiar with shooting games and I really enjoy it but I'm not the kind of guy who would play every weapon of the game and get them lv 30 for mastering to reach rank 12. I'm not interested into this I wasn't upgrading my mastering until I saw Acrid and Lanka and wanted 'em badly. So i leveled up weapons (chained Cyath I can't count how many times) and finally got those 2 weapons now that they're upgraded and I put Forma in it, I OS every mob (max 3 hits and it's not often). I took every weapons I liked in the game and got them upgraded but really what's…

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  • Ken1)rick

    Void Key Sharing

    September 20, 2013 by Ken1)rick

    This must have been suggested already but well let's do it again.

    When will the option of key sharing be available ? What I mean is an option that would allow you to use a key WITHOUT being the host of the party. My net ain't good enough for a defense for example eventhough I can host Captures but seriously how can it take so long to add such a primitive option.

    Please comment to keep this up. And if you're in the council please require this change because it's really a downside of the game and it's so easy to get this done that I drastically do not understand DE's priorities.

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  • Ken1)rick

    Hi everyone.

    I start this topic because I'm experiencing some extreme lag on warframe.

    First of all I don't get the purpose of these void rooms with animations on the ground that are just bringing a lot of lag in the party. Personally i now reduce all my settings before going to void because it's only there where it's extremely laggy and only in some rooms so u lag the time for you to cross the room.

    Now let me tell you about yesterday. I queued 3 times Cyath and got in a super laggy mission each time (my ping limit for random party is 125) I couldn't hit ennemies neither could the other ones in game and we changed host a lot of time before I got redirected to the menu. Then I couldnt start any mission the clic wouldnt work. I re queued Cyath…

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  • Ken1)rick

    Hi everyone,

    I start this topic because, as many of you, I think there is no real endgame in Warframe and even with Bastille's Nerf we still can clear mobs too easily to my mind.

    Here are a few ideas I had in my sleep =) I may edit this quite often in the days to come since I don't have much time for it today :

    • Add "mob levels" a bit like Diablo 3, giving more abilities for example each 25 level (lv 1->25 no ability, lv 25->50 1 ability, lv 50-75 ->2 abilities to a max of 3 for level 100+) (I mean not only aggressive abilities, some invisibility some armor upgrade for a duration some spells that would actually make the mobs more interesting)
    • Add a corpus mob which would be a "Corpus Commander" having one sniper for long range shots and once y…
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