Hello everyone,

I'm posting this because, as I read all over the blog posts, I think there's no Endgame in Warframe.

For you to understand how I feel I have to tell you more about me ^^ :


I'm familiar with shooting games and I really enjoy it but I'm not the kind of guy who would play every weapon of the game and get them lv 30 for mastering to reach rank 12. I'm not interested into this I wasn't upgrading my mastering until I saw Acrid and Lanka and wanted 'em badly. So i leveled up weapons (chained Cyath I can't count how many times) and finally got those 2 weapons now that they're upgraded and I put Forma in it, I OS every mob (max 3 hits and it's not often). I took every weapons I liked in the game and got them upgraded but really what's the point in releasing such powerful weapons if you have to play 1hour in defense before you need 3 shots per ennemy and still one nova ult and it remains 1 or 2 shots.

What do you guys do to enjoy the game while there's no content made for players who actually want difficulty, who want to lose missions sometimes, who want to get fucking wiped in 2 bullets, who want to face hard bosses that aren't punch bags, who want to farm day and night for super rare weapons/warframe/mods/whatever.

Now here are ideas to change this situation (feel free to share yours in comments) :


  • First of all, a third money (honor badges, ninja diploma, whatever...):

This would be the key to an endgame as special weapons/skins/(power mods?)/mods/ressources would be only available in a market working with this money.

  • Multi-Factions defense/survival (you were waiting for that part) :

Well it's all said in the title defenses with infested corpus and grineer coming at you.

  • Mini-Bosses:

I know it's upcoming but I'd like to see random mini bosses that pop in a mission (kind of like the stalker) but the lotus would warn you at the mission entry something like "a special ennemy has been detected, find him and kill him"

  • Alert-Boss:

Alerts which aren't shared with everybody but would be opened to you after defeating every boss of the game (each boss would loot a part of the key (100% chance)) this boss would be VERY hard (unlike leviantis)

  • Very high level environment:

Missions that would start lv 100 or something so that we don't have to play 40 minutes with our feet before the real play starts.

  • Raids:

Missions that would be opened to more than 4 players (something like 10-15 is good) with very high difficulty and needing synergy between members to be completed

  • Co-defense:

3 teams defend 4 different cryopods in a 12 men mission (3 per cryo) and then all defend together a huge artefact against countless ennemies.

  • Raid contest:

Same as before but there are 2 teams competing for Third money rewards, the first one that completes the missions wins.

  • Killing contest:

only weapons allowed Ennemies are afraid and fleeing, 2 teams of 4 players are standing in a room in which are the 2 only paths to escape, ennemies pop in the center and go both ways, they would run with upgraded speed to the escape. This mission either lasts 5 minutes and the team with the highest kills wins or 50 ennemies escaping in one team results in defeat (one team can shoot the other's ennemies). Rewards third money.

Thanks for reading, feel free to share your feelings, comments, criticals. Ninjas Play Free.

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