Hi everyone,

I start this topic because, as many of you, I think there is no real endgame in Warframe and even with Bastille's Nerf we still can clear mobs too easily to my mind.

Here are a few ideas I had in my sleep =) I may edit this quite often in the days to come since I don't have much time for it today :

  • Add "mob levels" a bit like Diablo 3, giving more abilities for example each 25 level (lv 1->25 no ability, lv 25->50 1 ability, lv 50-75 ->2 abilities to a max of 3 for level 100+) (I mean not only aggressive abilities, some invisibility some armor upgrade for a duration some spells that would actually make the mobs more interesting)
  • Add a corpus mob which would be a "Corpus Commander" having one sniper for long range shots and once you come near a shotgun dealing very high damage. This one regenerates fully if you do not damage him in 15 seconds and can set traps with rotating laser (similar to Void's ones but smaller radius).
  • Add an Infested Ancient Charger, which would be kinda like Phorid (if you have ideas for abilities go on and comment)
  • Make Levels in which you can't control your warframe as wel as in others like slippery grounds.
  • A new Planet, with higher starting level than Pluto and melting 2 ennemies factions can feel good.
  • Another mob would be one like Tomberrys (for FF fans) that would be a very slow runner but have high armor/shield/life and able to OS one player once he reached you in melee and then dissapears. Those wouldn't get spawned in masses but would be very hard to take down (since he disappears after killing one player) and have higher drop rates.

Plz if you comment, make your comment useful to me and don't just say things like "you're full of shit" Criticism has to be justified =) Thanks for reading I'll come back to this this evening or tommorow to add stuff

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