Hi everyone.

I start this topic because I'm experiencing some extreme lag on warframe.

First of all I don't get the purpose of these void rooms with animations on the ground that are just bringing a lot of lag in the party. Personally i now reduce all my settings before going to void because it's only there where it's extremely laggy and only in some rooms so u lag the time for you to cross the room.

Now let me tell you about yesterday. I queued 3 times Cyath and got in a super laggy mission each time (my ping limit for random party is 125) I couldn't hit ennemies neither could the other ones in game and we changed host a lot of time before I got redirected to the menu. Then I couldnt start any mission the clic wouldnt work. I re queued Cyath. I was in the end of the mission defending the cryopod : Host changed we repop in one of the side rooms while all ennemies kill the cryopod : mission failed.

Now this morning I played, it looked nice I finished my defense in Xini and when I left the mission instead of getting me to the menu I got a nice looking black screen while lotus talked to me and I was still in the mission I guess. I couldn't push any key I couldn't clic anywhere so I close the game and relaunch it and then wonderful thing : warframe can't find data servers so I can't connect back.

Does anyone know why the game is this way recently and are u experiencing the same stuff I am?

Please DE fix this.

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