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  • Klai7676

    Hello to all Tenno's,

    I'm relatively new to Warframe Wikia blogging this being my 1st but I use the site quite often and read many of the posts left by other members. The most recent post I read even though it's a old issue was about how Excaliber Prime Warframe is not being rereleased and exclusive to Founders. I really can't see why so many people are whining about not having Excaliber Prime? It's a "exclusive" which means exactly that and wouldn't be called exclusive if it was rereleased or made availae again. I've beig playing Warframe for about a year now and although I would also love to add Excaliber Prime to my collection, I wasn't a Founder and that's the end of the story. People whinging about not knowing about the closed Beta or …

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