Hello to all Tenno's,

I'm relatively new to Warframe Wikia blogging this being my 1st but I use the site quite often and read many of the posts left by other members. The most recent post I read even though it's a old issue was about how Excaliber Prime Warframe is not being rereleased and exclusive to Founders. I really can't see why so many people are whining about not having Excaliber Prime? It's a "exclusive" which means exactly that and wouldn't be called exclusive if it was rereleased or made availae again. I've beig playing Warframe for about a year now and although I would also love to add Excaliber Prime to my collection, I wasn't a Founder and that's the end of the story. People whinging about not knowing about the closed Beta or how some Foundsrs knew about Warframe only because they were told by friends pf friends etc is just sad and they should just de with the fact that sometimes you have to be at the right place at the right time to get what you want and should just shut the hell up and stop whining and ranting about how unfair life is and treated you so badly! I support the Founders and DE "NOT" re releasing Excaliber Prime again in any shape or form and it's only fair to the early supporters that it remains so. I know they'll be a lot of people going to disagree with my opinion and that's fine as everyone is entitled to theirs as well but stop trying to force other's into doing what you want and just deal with the fact that things are going to stay the way they are!!!

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