File:-WARFRAME Capture.png
I've noticed that capture alert missions always describe the capture target differently, for example, the two last capture alerts (at the time i'm writing this ofc) say "enemy relic hunter located" and "enemy assassin" located. Of course every time you get to the target he's nothing but an half assed corpus guy without his helmet on, which makes it so whatever description is given of him to be completely pointless. Besides he never fights back, no matter what he is described as... (By now you should have a pretty good idea of where i'm going with this)

how about make them look lke what they are supposed to be? make them look like a cool assassin, give them some fighting power, make a miniboss out of them. this way capture missions would be a tiny little bit more interesting and fun.

I do realize that other changes take priority over this but wth, this counts too, and i bet DE can always use the feedback, so i'll be making a thread about this on the forums but for now I would like to know what you guys think about this AND identify all the different descriptions of the capture targets.

Capture targets:

-relic hunter




-blackmarket weapons dealer





-Intelligence Officer



-Blackmarket Trader


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