In the last livestream (L13) we were told that Update 10 would be going live THIS WEEK!

We're all eager to see what changes will take place, what new content will be introduced with U10.0 and of course, everybody is looking forward to try the new warframe, the hot ass piece of undead awesomeness Necro (which name has not been confirmed yet). His abilities have been revealed in livestream 13 so if you haven't checked that out, what are you waiting for? 

It also seems like a new sentinel is almost ready for release, as well as a new tileset, but we can't say for sure if it will come with U10.0 or a later version. The new sentinel has seen next to no official information released outside of the design council, although a few leaks here and there might give you an idea of what it will look like and what it will do. As for the new tileset well there are actually two new ones: the orokin locations that are outside of the void and the corpus gas mining facilities. The new orokin tileset is likely to be released with U10.0 while the corpus gas mining facilities will probably come with a later version of U10.

There are also the scarves, a new option to costumize your warframes, with several different designs and with fully animated physics to add "a second layer of movement" and make you look more badass!

The J3 golem has been reworked and will be introduced with U10, in all its epicness! We'll see the continuation of the overhaul on the boss fights as was previously done with Vor. The golem will no longer drop volt parts' blueprints and will be dropping necro's instead. Where will we get volt? no idea.. Should we be worried? not at all, DE will make him available to us through other means/missions.

It is also highly likely that additional weapons will be introduced, maybe even some primes...

Speaking of primes, Mag Prime has been in the works and is likely to show up in U10 as well, which coupled with the latest tweaks to her abilities might help mitigate some of the "hatred" towards her =P

With all this and "god knows" what else we have plenty of reasons to be excited about this new update, which is likely to go live this friday! 

Waiting is a paaaaaain! 

U10 teaser:




Corpus Gas mining Facility


scarf designs and dangly bits

Golem Upcoming Concept



Mag Prime holding Boar Prime in one of the new tilesets

Update 1004:17

Update 10.0 Highlights-0

Update 10.0 Highlights

Warframe Profile - Nekros01:48

Warframe Profile - Nekros

Nekros profile


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