Note: This post is not to be taken seriously. Well... you could take it seriously, but not very seriously. This is just some silly nitpicking that doesn't impact gameplay whatsoever. And sorry for any grammatical error. I'm bad at english grammar, but good at Dragon language from Skyrim. It's something... I guess.

We've talked about Grineer's ergonomically horrible weapon design. Majority of their guns, just like the race are defect and looks very very uncomfortable to handle, just like when you met a grineer officer, even if you're a grineer. Now, move on to Corpus.

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Corpus Weapon

Corpus weaponry is boxy, fitting more with their crewmen than their security bots. They're almost universally light grey in color, with splashes of added cyan or green glowing bits. Examples include the Dera plasma rifle, the Supra squad support weapon, and their version of the Flux Rifle.

Corpus weapons generally looks like your usual sci-fi weapons from Mass Effect, Starship Troopers, Aliens, you name it. Many of them have good design, ergonomically good, and pretty beautiful to look at (Look at Opticor, tell me you don't want these thing in your room) However, I couldn't stop notice their biggest flaw, that is their perpendicular grip. From humble Braton to fancy BFG Opticor, they have this flaw. Why do I called it a flaw? Try make a rifle from cardboard or thin plywood, then make the rifle grip perpendicular. You'll wear your wrist and arm fast. Now, since I've pointed out their common flaw, we'll take a look at Corpus guns that really takes the cake being horribly designed:


Angstrum Mini Rocket Launcher

1. I don't see any sight. That explains the bad accuracy.

2. Where's the exhaust heat ejection port? No matter how advance you are, there must be some kind of exhaust generated. Law of physics, man. Is it behind the magazine? If so, hope you like your face getting burned everytime you reload the gun.


Tetra semi-auto rifle.

No buttstock, weird grip and trigger. Imagine you shoot with M1 Garand that its buttstock has been cut away. The recoils will throw you aim off everytime you shoot. It will waste your time everytime you shoot, you have to reset your aim.


Glaxion Ice Beamer

Glaxion, or how to disregard safety features rifle. The middle part that looks like cylinders are spinning when you shoot, be careful not to accidentally put your finger when it spins. Also, no ironsight, I guess you just sweep the area with ice beam until it hits something. Also, the cylinders contain cryotic, right? Is that a bit exposed without any protection plates or something? This rifle feels like the manufacturer was running out of time/money/materials, and just ship the frame to Corpus troops.


penta Grenade Launcher

Why the most advance race in the universe (so far), don't like sights? Flux, Glaxion, Cestra, Angstrum, Dera, and many more. Now Penta.

The Corpus use this to kill enemies at high ground, right? How they achieved that without any sights? Even Grineer puts elevation sight on their Tonkor.


Quanta Repurpose Mining Drill

NOPE NOPE NOPE. John Browning is crying in his grave looking at this.

Overall, Corpus design is good, but its the tiny bits that ruins it. Next, we'll take a look at our most favorite race, Tenno and Orokin.

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