Warframe Prime Access Teaser-000:21

Warframe Prime Access Teaser-0


presumptive full loki prime

<- this is loki prime ->

Loki prime
MagPrimePosterV2 1024x1024

ok the presumed image at the left DEFINITELY IS!!

and that may be shade prime... maybe... maybe just accessories... ->

it is said that the upcoming prime sentinel is wyrm through.

the discussion next is to discuss if the frames etc are getting a rework or are just placeholders for menus.

edit end

I didn't see much hype about this but in the last Devstream 29 between the lot of things showed was this menu image


Loki hype
loki have a helm that don't match with the default or the alternative ones also loki and excalibur don't have the default frame colors as it should have in a market icon, like the rhino, instead is white/silverish. also it has no gold parts but it may be in the rest of the body we can't see

if this is loki prime, what do you think? it don't match the dark brown or whitish design like the other primes?

most importantly, if this is loki prime why it don't have gold in his face?

should loki prime be more white like excalibur and mag as a distinction to the starter frames?

it gonna be released before u14? 

or everything in that screen is a HD version for the market/inventory pictures, or textures 2.0 are coming?

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