Heya Warframe community. Forgive me if it's a bit shabby, this is my first attempt at doing a blog. Anyway~

Cosplays! Quite a lot of cosplay threads have sprouted recently, due to the addition of capes and whatnot to the game.

So, I thought even s̶p̶e̶e̶d̶w̶a̶g̶o̶n̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶a̶f̶r̶a̶i̶d̶  i could  create one myself, and see what everyone else would think. Now, one thing I picked up recently but really fell for was Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Everyone I met who watched/read it has loved it (I know, I had some trouble believing it myself, but they were honest about it, so i'm still to find a JoJo hater), and I really recommend it to anyone who has the spare time to check it out. After the advent of the cosplay threads, the idea to make a JoJo cosplay sprouted within me like immortality-after-having-one's-brain-pierced-by-a-stone-mask. Comparing the characters from the anime with the warframes was a bit troublesome, as I found most frames unable to look like what I was aiming to portray, so this is the first match I managed to make:

 Rhino/The World

Rhino was picked both for appearance and functionality, since Stomp is the closest I found to The World's timestop.

So, for appearances, i took this pic as a model. Color your Rhino accordingly, with yellow as your energy color. I strongly recommend the Community of Tenno Sigil in green, on the market for 1 credit. You can't really replicate The World's helmet and air cylinders  (OH NOOOOO), but if you want to take a shot with the Rath Kittag cloak and the Vanguard Helmet, feel free to try. I do not own a Rhino Prime, so i can't really tell you about coloring him. Try to make your melee as similar to it's fists (and maybe feet) as possible in terms of color, again, with yellow energy,

Now, for skills, if you're looking for loyalty to the series, your duration will be 9 seconds, which is kinda silly since it won't give you the feeling of feeling you deeply that time has stopped (base stomp time is 8 secs), and before you know it time resumes once again. let's give it that feel you get when Dio is talking and manages to spend like 30 seconds in stopped time. Also, The World is a very resistant stand, so having that in mind, here's the build I found most satisfying (kinda. don't expect this to get you through 60 minutes of t4 survival: it just works) :

Aura: Steel Charge (<To Be Continued |\|)

Max Redirection + Max Vitality for The World's Durability

Stretch + Overextended For Global timestop (you'll have a 59-meter radius)

Constitution + Primed Continuity 14 seconds (optional Narrow Minded here, depends on your personal preference, you'll have 42 meters this way, but duration will be 22 seconds)

This build, so far, requires no Forma and will leave you with 1 slots (with 4 capacity left, meaning you'll want a forma) or 2 slots ( with 18 capacity left, and you'll probably also want a forma, so trying to escape the forma is USELESS USELESS USELESS USELESS USELESS USELESS! COULD A NO-FORMAE'D RHINO FIGHT THE GRINEER?!)  that you can mod as you like. I prefer to ommit Narrow Minded and use Vigor instead, but that's up to you. If you want to use Forma, the rest of the build is <To Be Continued |\| by you and your tastes. My recommendation, however, would be to put that (stand) power strength back up a bit and add vigor, but whatever)

Now, for weapons, The World is famous for it's MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA rush of punches, involving a very fast flurry of blows with it's hands. For fashion's sake, I chose the Furax over the Ankyros, but Fracturing wind in this case is superior to Seismic Palm. Berserker and Fury are mandatory, however if you find one of the sparring melee weapons is better and portrays The World in a more precise manner (after all, it does throw it's kicks, and it's last blow is a kick), feel free to change. The Steel Charge aura is used to pack more punch (haha) in this case, and to give your frame more mod slots.

Your secondary should be a̶ ̶s̶t̶e̶a̶m̶r̶o̶l̶l̶e̶r̶   throwing knives. Kunai, Despair, anything goes. Just don't make it explosive, and be sure to add multishot and firerate.

As for Primaries. eh. This is kinda tricky. I'd say a bow and arrow, but that's only slightly hinted. Maybe an ignis for killing kubrows? heheheh. 

Any other weapon, primary or secondary, should be hidden when holstered.

Well, that's about it. What a beautiful duwall of text.chew. This feels like a post. 

Anyway, let's hear how you'll judge me. Did you understaaaaandu? is it VERY NICEU? Are you gonna do the oraora thing? GO AHEAD, MISTER READER! I'm all ears.

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