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  • Kselia

    While updating some pages with the recent U13.3 hidden weapon stat changes, i noticed that since that update the ammo-consumption of charged type weapons (i.e. Paris Prime, Drakgoon and Miter) seems to be bugged for some players.

    For me, they always use one ammo per shot (hopefully thats the way it is intended), for others the Miter for example uses 3 ammo per regular shot and even 6 per charged shot (so they are out of ammo after 12 charged shots o.o) or the PP uses 2 for a charged shot.

    Whatever mod-combinations i tried, i was unable to reproduce those bugs, with any of my charged type weapons.

    Now the big questions to the community: How do your charge weapons behave since U13.3? Do they use only 1 ammo per shot as they do for me? Or do they …

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