So I've been playing Warframe for months now and I feel that they should have an Exp/Affinity buff for a mission completed unalerted?(This is not inclusive of infested missions since technically you can't get alerted unless a corpus or grineer faction invades the mission) This is just a suggestion in replacement for Challenge Rewards and this will give an Affinity Multiplyer (or bonus resources) at the end of the round? I think that Challenge Rewards are pretty much there for nothing except a mere 500 affinity (In which you can get by killing 10 enemies on average). This is not an impossible mission at a mission that you can dominate easily with overpowered weapons but I think it's more of a Challenge than that of current challenges where you try to do impossible tasks of hacking on a defense mission and having to kill 30 enemies during a exterminate with more than 30 enemies; it just defeats the purpose of a challenge in which you are supposed to something awesome for BIG Rewards. I guess you can keep some Challenges like Speed Kill (in which is way to easy to finish, unless you encounter literally no enemies) Head Hunter and modify them to make it more Challenging... and better rewards. What do you guys think?

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