Alright the reason I'm naming the Strun Wraith the best weapon is because of the impossibly, extremely, overpowering damage output that I've calculated, without a Forma

Disclaimer: Please do note that THIS only works in Perfect Conditions, where every bullet shot through Bullet Attractor hits Sonar-ed regions and no damage reduction through bullet distance

 and the enemy is TOTALLY UNARMORED

However, any correction of calculation is welcomed.

Flechette(Max) Accelerated Blast(Max) Point Blank(Max) Blaze(Max) Hell's Chamber(Max) Shotgun Spazz(Max) Ammo Stock( 2 )

Totalling a massive Damage Buff : +150% Armor Pierce [Slot into Tatical polarity Slot a.k.a Minus polarity][Strun Wraith Does not ignore armor] + 150% Damage + 150% Fire Rate + 120% Multi-shot + 60% Fire Damage + 30% Clip Size.

Time Needed to Empty One Clip[10 Shots] = 10/6.25 = 1.

6 Seconds to Empty Clip

Damage Calculation (One Clip[10 shots][Due to Ammo Stock] Point Blank Shot on UNARMORED Enemy) =

Initial Base Damage = 190 * 2.5 = 475

Secondary Damage Calculation = [475 + (475 * 150) + (475 * 60)] * 2.2 * 10 = 32395

On average, with crits the damage per clip is around: 32395*1.15=37254.25 (Thanks to an anonymous wikia contributor for correcting my calculations :) [ Again ] )

Therefore Strun Wraith for this build has a 37254.25 Damage / 1.6 Seconds Damage output which equals to 23283.9062 Damage / Second [Not Counting the Reload Time]

Extracted from Strun Wraith Build [ 2nd ]

With a Team with Rifle Amp MAXED out [Rifle Amp does not work on Shotguns] . A Team of Nova, Banshee, Rhino, Mag. A Nova can cast Molecular Prime to x2 the damage taken by enemy, A Banshee to Sonar to (x5 * 130%)[Due to Focus*] the damage taken by enemy In a specific region, and a Rhino to Roar x1.5 the damage dealt by player, in addition with Mag's Bullet Attractor x2 the damage taken by the enemy.

This damage of 37254.25 *  2 * (5 * 130%) * 1.5 * 2 = 1452915 .75 Can and will BREAK WARFRAME not literally, but you know. 1.45m Damage /1.6s = 0.9m Damage/s. This is possible unless 1. I calculated wrongly (correct me I want to see the damage after the correction still) 2. You just can't find that specific team 3. You don't have the mighty Strun Wraith.[Do read the Disclaimer]

With the edit, 0.5m Damage/s or less will be dealt since not every pellet will hit the sonar-ed area and damage may be less due to distance from player and enemy.

Edit: Big thanks to CaptainHindsight and a Wikia contributors for pointing out Damage might be less in real conditions.  Edit 2: Thanks to another Wikia contributor for correcting my Critical Damage Edit 3: Thanks to Gentlebrute for the Mag Bullet Attractor suggestion Edit 4: Thanks to Misdirected for pointing our Rifle Amp does not work for shotguns anymore

- "You can't reliably hit sonar spots with every pellet, the gun has a big damage dropoff past short-medium range" - CaptainHindsight

- "Sonar calculations for shotguns are a bit off since pelet spread, its impossible to hit sonars weak spot with all the pellets." - a Wikia contributor

- "The critical part is wrong, the multiplier isn't 1,2*1,75, it's 1+(0,2*0,75)=1,15, for


Multiplying by 1,2 is the same as saying you get double d

amage on 20% of your shots, and that isn't the case. You have to apply a 0,75 «reduction» because the extra damage is 75% instead of 100%." - a Wikia contributor

- "Would bullet attractor help? It gives a 100% damage boost when fully leveled." - Gentlebrute

- "No, based on the wiki...'As stated on the mod description Rifle Amp only increases Rifle damage. Shotguns do not benefit from this mod.' " - Misdirected

If anyone's interested on the gameplay of this specific loadout [Exclusion of Ammo Stock(2)]:

If anyone's interested on the gameplay of this specific loadout [Inclusive of Ammo Stock(2)]:

Warframe Strun Wraith Nova Vs Lech Kril03:10

Warframe Strun Wraith Nova Vs Lech Kril

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