Is this game starting to feel too easy? Like theres really no challenge? Like everything dies to your unstoppable warframe?

Well, have I got a solution for you:

Step 1:

Select primary,secondary, and melee weapons from tier 3 or below in here(the lower you go the better you are at the game if you do this all right):

Step 2:

Are they level 0? Make them be level 0, trust me this will be possible unless you chose to only have an MK1-braton.

Step 3:

You may choose any of the following frames, granted they must start at lvl 0 (I dont care if youre using formas or buying new shit just make this shiz be level 0 to start with)

Banshee, Excalibur, Mag, Nekros, Oberon, Volt, Zephyr

(I'm choosing these as the suggested frames to make them harder because I remember them being weak at low levels, however if there is a frame that you hate using more than anything due to how bad it is at everything(as long as its not valkyr and as long as you truely dont like it), use that)

Step 4: (this ones the kicker IMO)

You may not use any mods or money you already have, as in you must go out and get more money and mods in order to equip them to your frame or weapons, and you may only farm in places above level 30, in solo mode.

you'll be writing down the mods and money you have aquired and used

(you can use fusion cores or dupes that you already had after you get a mod, but only mods you farm may be equiped and only money you farm can be used to rank the mods)

Once something in your arsenal (frame, primary, seconday, or melee) reaches level 30, you must go to the void to farm anything else you may want, and may not farm anywhere else.

Once everything has reached level 30, you must try to fit as many of those new mods on as you can, and battle vor in a t4.

post your results if you do this idiotic stuff; what loadout did you use? what tiers were the weapons? how many missions did you run? what missions did you run? what mods did you get? how much time did this take? did you find the slightest bit of pleasure in this?

(PS: hardmode is volt with only vitality mod on weilding only an mk1 braton, forma the braton as many times as you want im not gonna limit you on that shit)

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