Ember: "Lady Lotus! We are in need of reinforcements! Enemy numbers have doubled in the last 20 minutes! Situation is dire and both Brother Ragan and I are low in energy! Requesting immediate assistance!" said Sera as she hails the Lotus through her built-in transceiver in her helmet. Vauban is valiantly hacking down MOA after MOA with his Lightning Scindo axe but more are still coming. Shielding of his suit is starting to give way and he cannot hope to continue fighting off the wave of robotic enemies for very long on his own. Ember emerges from behind the steel pillar she took refuge behind after requesting reinforcements and reloading her Boltor as well to aid Vauban to fend off the MOAs. 

Vauban: "Sister Ember! How fares the request for reinforcements?! We cannot hope to kill every single one of these things empty on energy and low on ammunition!" yells Ragan to Sera as he cleaves 3 MOAs simultaneously. Ember: "No response yet, brother! Something is interferring with our comlinks to our HQ! I will try again!." replies Sera as she shoots down 5 MOAs approaching towards Ragan's back. Ember: "I repeat! Requesting Immediate reinforcements to our location! Planet Neptune, Naiad outpost! Please respond!" After a few minutes of com silence and continued fighting, a static response is heard. Lotus: "Request rec----- Reinf----ments en rou-- Dispatching Warf----- Rh--- an- Fros-" Sera is having difficulty clearly hearing the Lotus, gunfire, the sound of metal ripping and tearing and the sound of robotic footsteps. So many footsteps from their mechanical foes, trampling on the metal floor of the outpost like giant ants pouring out of their nest to defend it. Ember: "Brother! The Lotus has heard our call! We need only last a little longer!" Vauban: "Yes! Strength and skill to us both, sister! Carry on, kill as many as you can and push on through!" 

The mission before it went awry was supposed to be a simple raid on a Corpus outpost. The Orokin artifact that was rumored to supposedly instill increased awareness on enemy movements to Warframes was a valuable asset to the Tenno and was deemed to be a worthy item for retrieval. Starting the mission well enough, Ember volunteered to undertake the mission with Vauban since Volt was away to another mission though his abilities would be more effective against the Corpus and their mechanical proxies. Her abilities were still potent, capable of melting metal and polymers within seconds and overheating electronics. Dropping in on the outpost silently and quickly navigating their way to the stasis hold while avoiding unnecessary conflict with Corpus personel and MOAs, they manage to open the hold containing the artifact and retrieve it but upon their leave for the extraction point, HE arrived. 

A Warframe with familiar features, boasting Ash's speed and agility as well as Excalibur's swordsmanship, a dark Warframe with a twisted sense of justice who feels pity and mercy towards the enemies of the Tenno for reasons unknown save for him. 

Vauban: "You. . . . . Traitor. Lost brother." Ragan says to the Warframe known only as the Stalker. Ember: "It can't be. . . I only heard rumors that you were exiled for treason. But your return? No." Sera thinks out loud upon seeing the Stalker before her, just standing in front of them from a few meters. He says nothing, unsheathes his signature weapon a scythe known as Hate. A dark colored scythe with an evil-looking design honed and sharp enough to cut Warframe armor. He charges at Vauban, quick as lightning. Ragan quickly draws his Scindo just in time to parry the strike aimed at his neck from his opponent while Sera side steps to her right and fires a few rounds at Stalker which he dodges by dive-rolling to his left then jumping up to one of the metal tubes on the ceiling of the outpost. Using a Smoke Bomb, he conceals himself to prepare an ambush. 

Vauban: "Be mindful, sister. This one is able to use some of Brother Ash's abilities as well as those of Brother Excalibur." Ragan tells Sera as they scan their surroundings for their enemy. Ember: "Yes, brother. I've only heard the rumors but I know that this thing, this abomination is not to be taken lightly." Sera responds as she trains her Boltor's sights up on the ceiling, the walls and in front of her, searching for the Stalker. A few seconds pass, nothing in sight yet. 

new story, guys. hope you'll enjoy this. still busy with work but will do my best to write all 4 parts before the second week of july.

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