Scanning the environment for their elusive opponent, Ember and Vauban stay on high alert not only to prevent a window of opportunity for the Stalker but to create one for themselves. They would rather capture this particular enemy than kill him right then and there. For reasons unknown save for himself, the Stalker began to target the Tenno one by one. Being able to utilize abilities thought to belong to specific Warframes, it has been speculated among the few Tenno alive that he must have stolen the abilities he currently possesses. "Sister, it seems that we may have no choice if the circumstances do not allow capture. We must kill him here quick and take the body to the Council." Ragan whispers to Sera via comlink, she then nods in approval. Sera is tempted to use one of her abilities she calls "World on Fire" but using it would alert any Corpus personel and MOA proxy that were anywhere within 30 meters, so she thinks on what might be a more effective strategy to use instead.

"Brother Ash's abilities as well as Brother Excalibur's. Of all the Warframes he had to emulate, it had to be those 2." Ember thinks to herself as she searches for their hidden enemy. Looking up at the pipes on the ceiling, nothing there. Though unseen, it does not offer their enemy absolute camouflage from trained Tenno eyes. Quickly reacting to a sudden shift in air movement and pressure, Vauban turns to his left and swings his axe as sparks flare out from his weapon and the Stalker's. "Found you. . . ." Ragan says in thought as he and the Stalker lock weapons in a contest of strength. Sera reacts accordingly by getting distance and firing a few dozen rounds from her boltor at their enemy which he blocks with his scythe after disengaging from Vauban. Ember knows that she is not a match for the Stalker with her chosen melee weapons, a pair of Fangs though however swift they may be for the Hate's powerful swings would make blocking nearly impossible and would keep her at bay. Vauban charges forward to prevent the Stalker from focusing on Sera who is making sure of the same thing. A swift and powerful downward swing followed by a spinning strike aimed for the legs is executed by Ragan in an effort to put off balance their enemy but the Stalker is very much skilled as they are and manages to parry the first strike then dodge the second by jumping over Vauban to get behind his back to perform a slash of his own. A few inches was all the slash needed to connect to Vauban's back but is made to miss by a Fireball shot from Ember, deflecting the strike to the Stalker's left side. Reacting swiftly to the unfavorable position, Ragan side steps to his right to better maintain his stance and nods to Sera in thanks. 

"He's faster than I remember, just as fast as Brother Loki and Ash. This will not end well." Vauban says in thought as he stands a few meters from the Stalker with his axe in a defensive stance. Charging again, he swings to distract his enemy while he throws a Bastille grenade to hold the Stalker in place to be able to deal with him in an easier fashion but is shocked to discover that the stasis field generated by the grenade is ineffective for the task. As they observe their enemy moving through the Bastille grenade's stasis field albeit with some difficulty, they make haste and lay down withering gunfire at the Stalker. Ember's Boltor rounds pinging off the shield of their enemy's Warframe while Ragan switches from his Scindo to his Gorgon fitted with Cryorounds. "This should be able to at least damage him signifcantly, Sister. Press on and make sure to keep him in the Bastille!" Vauban says to Ember via comlink. "I hope so, Brother. I do not wish to make this fight last longer than it already has. We have no choice, we must kill him." replies Ember as she quickly empties a clip then reloading just as fast. Ragan nods, he agrees that in their current situation, they must eliminate this threat to avoid alerting the swarms of mechanical proxies on the outpost. 

Stalker charges at both Ember and Vauban, throwing dark-colored kunai with incredible hand speed and zig-zagging at the same time to avoid shots from Ember and axe swings from Vauban. His projectiles are avoided and deflected by Sera and Ragan with Sera rolling backward then side stepping to her left then jumping up to a metal pillar and Ragan by shielding himself with his weapon. Sera continues to shoot at the Stalker from atop the pillar while Ragan engages him again in melee combat. "Brother! Using Overheat! Stay clear!" Ember shouts to Vauban as she jumps down towards Stalker while immolating herself. As she lands, a concussive wave of flames erupt from her point of impact, knocking back the Stalker and making him shield himself with his scythe. "Be careful, Sister." whispers Vauban to Ember as he prepares a Vortex grenade.

So sorry, guys. been busy at the office and training. I'll try my best to upload these with little time gaps in-between.

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