Twin ether blades. Light and swift, seemingly crafted from air and metal. Laid down before the Warframe known as Ash "The Stinger". Silent even for a Warframe of his type, his name is known only to the Lotus herself and to Loki, "The Trickster" named Lukas Carth otherwise. When not merged with his armor, the others simply call him Nameless. Knelt down on the floor of their sacred dojo opposite the Warframe known as Excalibur "The Swordsman" also known as Chevalier d'Eon. The current leader of the surviving Tenno. Tall, well-built, cunning and unyielding. the Lotus chose well indeed. Skanas. Two of them laid down in front of Excalibur. Heavier than the blades chosen by Ash but in the hands of Excalibur are just as swift as ether swords. The other Tenno gather to witness the exercise. Whispers of who has the edge over the other, strategies and tactics the two brothers may employ echo throughout the dojo. 

Nameless is famous for his speed, agility and stealth. Chevalier is praised as an unmatched swordsman among his people. The Psychic Warframe, Nyx also known as Maia Bask has already seen the two outcomes but not even she can predict which one will manifest. Such is the equality of the skills of both Tenno. She keeps to herself though she has no need to. Time counts down for the two warriors to fight. 60. . . 59. . . 58. . .

Both brothers meditate kneeled down in front of the other, 15 meters apart. Each analyzing the others strengths and their few weaknesses. 57. . . Chevalier: "Most likely to use smoke, cover his charge, strike from below." Nameless: "He will expect me to cover my advance, for me to use it to take away his legs." 56. . . . Chevalier: "Usage of his speed is definite. Use that to my advantage, make him overconfident." Nameless: "I have speed as an ally. But knowing Brother Excalibur, he will use that against me." 

Time slows down for the two Tenno knelt down on the cold, sterile metal floor of their training dojo. Analysis of each others skill goes on for hours in their mind while in meditation. Five seconds until they fight, they finish and stand ready with weapons in-hand. 

2. . . 1. . . Lotus: "Combat exercise has begun. Excalibur and Ash, strength and skill to both of you." The second Lotus finishes her statement, Chevalier charges at Nameless, the skana in his right hand aimed at Nameless' left shoulder with a thrust and the skana in his left poised parallel to the floor near his chest to parry and counter a strike from his brother. Nameless: (in thought) "You have improved much in speed, Brother. But. . . " Nameless throws a Shuriken at his brother's right bicep, causing Chevalier to miss his target by 2 inches but is undamaged thanks to his armor's shield having simply deflected the projectile. Chevalier: "Haha! Well done, Brother Ash!" He shifts his footing to compensate for being put off balance by the earlier Shuriken throw and to use the left skana to strike at Nameless' left inner thigh. Noticing this, Nameless retracts his left leg to avoid the strike while bringing down the ether blade in his right hand to slash at his brother's left bicep. Chevalier counters by elbowing Nameless' wrist to deflect the strike. Nameless: (in thought) "Difficult to execute in that position. Well done, Brother. Well done indeed." Both disengage to reassess their stratagem. The Tenno witnessing the sparring exercise take note. Frost "The Cold King" or Durand Tusk when not in his armor, points out to his blood brother Rhino "The Giant" also known as Throm Tusk, that Ash is not using his speed for some reason. Rhino responds with a nod. 

Sorry for the abrupt end, guys. Still need to think. 

Disclaimer: I did not come up with the name Chevalier d'Eon for the Warframe Excalibur. The name was created by fellow Warframe player Jozy101. 

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