Rhino observes silently the two warriors reassessing their strategies. He has sparred with both a few times before and have triumphed on some days and lost on others to both. Rhino: "Brother Frost, tell me what you think. Why Nameless is not unleashed yet." Frost: "My guess is just as good as yours, Brother. But perhaps it is because of THAT day." Rhino: "Ah. Perhaps you are right." A stinging, static-sounding voice from behind the Tusk brothers speaks "Silence please, Brother Tusks. We gave our respects and our word to not speak lightly of that day." The voice came from Volt "The Lightning Rider" known as Mazek Lempra. Crackling with electrical energy even when he speaks. After politely reminding the two large Tenno brothers to keep hush on what they were about to converse on, he continues watching the exercise with keen observation especially on Nameless. Frost: "You are right, Brother Volt. We will be more mindful the next time." Rhino: "Aye, we will." 

Nameless and Chevalier stand a few meters apart, reassessing their combat tactics for the exercise, stances readied for any sudden movements made by either Tenno. Ash: (in thought) "may be preparing for a blind followed by a sweep." Chevalier: (in thought) "perhaps a blind thought he'll be expecting that most  likely." Nameless charges first this time around, left ether blade on top of right ether blade in an X formation, intending to scissor slash his opponent, aiming for the torso. Chevalier uses a Super Jump to evade the simultaneous blade strike while preparing to perform a Radial Blind but just as he gets to a certain height, he finds himself pushed down to the floor. Nameless' timing was impeccable. Just as his brother reached a certain height from the jump, he Teleported behind him and kicked Chevalier's back, sending him to the ground of their dojo. Both land, Nameless throws a Smoke Bomb to cover his landing from his brother. Chevalier: (in thought) "Fast as always, Brother Ash. And cunning as ever. But I too have tricks of my own." Chevalier strikes at the floor with a Radial Javelin then again and again and again until he created a fence made of light and energy. Light from the spikes shining through the smoke his brother made to hide his movements but now betraying his intentions. Chevalier can now see clearly when there is a gap in the smoke made by Nameless' passing through it. Striking at a hazy outline in the smoke, Chevalier finds Nameless. Parrying the strike then side-stepping to his left, Nameless throws four Shurikens in rapid succession more to put off balance Chevalier than to outright hit him. Two of the projectiles aimed at his brother's shoulders and the other two targetting both knees. Running to the left still, Nameless Teleports just when Chevalier dodges the four missiles by reorienting his stance to a narrow horizontal pose with both blades ready to counter to let the Shurikens pass by him. 

Their siblings  watching the sparring exercise closely are impressed indeed by both combatants. The Tusk brothers standing quietly while remembering what Mazek reminded them of earlier, Nyx still quietly observing the fight and still attempting to see what outcome will come true as seen in her mind. Other Tenno in their armor discuss between themselves what tactics they would use against Nameless and Chevalier. Lukas voices out his skill for diversion and invisibility would be useful against Chevalier but not so effective against Nameless for he too is familiar with the arts of deception, the Warframe Ember "The Searing One" named Sera Gale hears Lukas' words pertaining to his art and speaks out that her skills with fire will be effective against Nameless but less so against Chevalier. "Indeed, brother and sister. We all have our own strengths and skills differing from each other but all of us are deadly in their own right nonetheless." Lukas and Sera turn to see the Warframe Banshee "The Singer" known as Janis Slin when unarmored. Her voice of regal quality yet gentle tone as well as being one of the oldest among them often commands great respect from all the other Tenno even Chevalier. Lukas and Sera nod in agreement. Ember: "Sister, what are your thoughts on this fight? Who do you think will win?" Banshee: "Whoever is more centered will triumph." 

Part 3 will follow maybe first week of june. we'll see. been busy with training for an archery tournament. hope you like this one, guys. please tell me what you think. again, i did not create the name Chevalier d'Eon. it was fellow Warframe player Jozy101 who did.

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