Four Shurikens shriek past Chevalier as he prepares for Nameless' next attack. Excalibur: (in thought) "Must focus.. Nameless is beginning to take things seriously.." Running forward then jumping to one of the large pillars on the corners of the arena and holding on, Chevalier performs a Radial Blind then jumping down from the pillar. Focusing on always moving. Chevalier: (in thought) "Seven more seconds. Where is he?" Having felt the air shift behind him, Excalibur turns then drops on his right knee while holding up his Skanas just in time to block a downward strike from Ash. Clanging from the blades ring across the arena, Applause from their fellow Tenno soon follow.

Lotus: "Armed close combat exercise has ended. Both combatants, please prepare for unarmed close combat. You have thirty seconds. Warframe Mag, if you please." The Warframe known as Mag "The Lady of Metal" known otherwise as Laya Olayne stands up to use Pull on the swords of both combatants, sending them flying through the air and into the hands of the Warframe Vauban "The Trapper" named Ragan Wex. Ragan: "Both weapons in-hand, Lady Lotus. Thank you, Sister Mag." Laya: "Glad to be of service." Using a modified Vortex grenade, he transports the weapons into the armory where robotic servants take them for proper storage.

25. . . Nameless stretches to prepare for unarmed combat with his brother while Chevalier does the same. 19. . . Both brothers stand 10 feet from each other, relaxed but ready for what is to come. 5. . . Taking on their fighting stances, Ash and Excalibur are ready and more than able. 0. . . Ash strikes first, employing a martial art similar to the old Earth's inhabitants' Arnis, he aims at Excalibur's arm joints and leg joints with blindingly fast open palm strikes. Chevalier blocks most of the strikes but suffers a blow to his left shoulder. Transitioning from striking to grappling, Ash quickly grabs Chevalier's left arm in an attempt to perform a flying armbar. But Excalibur counters by immediately dropping to his left, pinning down Ash to nuetralize the armbar. Pushing off Chevalier of him, Nameless quickly rolls backward to get back up on his feet, Excalibur charges forward unleashing kicks aimed at Nameless' right side and head in a similar fashion to what practitioners of Karate would perform. Hitting hard and fast, Ash's shield takes a slight beating from blocking the kicks but one of the kicks lands on Ash's left calf, causing him to stumble giving Chevalier the opportunity to use a powerful right straight punch aimed at Nameless' chest. Catching the attempted strike by parrying it to his left then grabbing the wrist, Ash uses the fall to throw his brother by quickly shifting his footing to better leverage himself for the throw technique. Excalibur is sent flying a few feet but quickly rolls to prevent damage. Quickly taking advantage of the momentary lapse in positioning of Chevalier, Nameless sends a low kick towards Excalibur's head on the right side but is blocked quickly by his brother. Both Tenno circle each other to reassess their combat strategy. After a fefw seconds of respite, both charge at the same time. Ash kicks with his right leg aiming at Excalibur's left side, blocked with a raised left knee. Excalibur aims at Ash's head with a right jab, countered with a parry to the right from Ash's left hand followed by a very fast spinning downward movement by Ash to slip past Chevalier's right side then after getting behind him, locks his arms around Excalibur's neck in an air choke. Dropping down to his left knee to force Excalibur's neck down on his forearm, Ash tighten's his grip quickly while Excalibur attempts to escape Nameless' hold but with little effect. Ten seconds pass, Chevalier's struggling begins to lose vigor. Twenty five seconds pass, he loses more and more energy to fight.

Chevalier: (in thought) "Well done, Brother. This match is yours. Thank you for the honor of comba---" Finally passing out after 30 seconds, Nameless releases his hold on Chevalier"s neck and carefully lays his brother on the floor of their dojo, kneels and bows respectfully to his fallen opponent. Lotus: "Unarmed combat exercise has concluded. Warframe Excalibur vs Warframe Ash. The victor, Ash! Well done, both of you! Please proceed to transfer Excalibur to the medical bay for treatment and rest." Robotic servants hovering on anti-gravitic engines emerge from opennings in the floor of the dojo to take Chevalier to the medical bay on a stretcher fashioned from hard light while Ash is still quietly knelt down on the floor to meditate. LIfting him off the floor the robot servants proceed on their way as the other Tenno bow in respects to both Ash for having won this exercise and Excalibur for showing true fighting spirit. Mazek: "It is frightening to think that Brother Ash has yet again improved so much in little time. His studies on old Earth's martial arts has gifted him with potent techniques." Janis: "Indeed, Brother Volt. To Nameless, honoring the old ways of combat is simply the only way for one such as him to walk the path that we have taken, the path that has been given to us." Volt nods in agreement as do Ember, the Tusk Brothers and Loki while Nyx stands up then walks towards them. Maia: "As foreseen." Janis: "Of course, Sister Nyx." 

Finally done, guys. Really sorry for the late conclusion but i've been busy at work and archery training. Not to mention that i have 6 weapons to design and fabricate for the first week of july but don't worry, i'll be writing more stories when i have time.

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