• Legofan498

    Warframe new concept

    August 29, 2013 by Legofan498

    hello every1.iv worked on a project for some new warframe ideas.i came up with this idea:

    ​​Warframe faction based.

    my idea was to make 3 warframes.1 for each faction.

    1 corpus

    1 infested

    1 grineer

    i didnt have the time for the sketch(but i would be a horrible sketch)

    but here are the frames:


    SCIFY: scify was a tenno of ours,but manipulated by the corpusto serve and protect them,from other Tenno...-in game description scify is a corpus manipulated warframe,with deadly abilities.

    Power 1: attack the osprey on its back launche's up in the air,but in attack mode,fireing laser like projectilesdealing heavy damage  deals a 30 damage laser armor ignore leveling up will increase damag…

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