hello every1.iv worked on a project for some new warframe ideas.i came up with this idea:

​​Warframe faction based.

my idea was to make 3 warframes.1 for each faction.

1 corpus

1 infested

1 grineer

i didnt have the time for the sketch(but i would be a horrible sketch)

but here are the frames:


SCIFY: scify was a tenno of ours,but manipulated by the corpusto serve and protect them,from other Tenno...-in game description scify is a corpus manipulated warframe,with deadly abilities.

Power 1: attack the osprey on its back launche's up in the air,but in attack mode,fireing laser like projectilesdealing heavy damage  deals a 30 damage laser armor ignore leveling up will increase damage to a max of 50 per bullet lasts 20 sec and max at 40*

Power 2: protect the osprey on its back now becomes a shield drone that gives extra shield + shield recharge

Power 3: clone makes more drone's that can attack or protect clones up to a total of 4 max lvl 

Power 4: (ult) turret calls a big ospreg that blast enemies for 10 sec for 200 damage each shot+explosion radius. looks like the raptor(not the same sice)fire's laser bolts with a 15 meter explosion radius)lasts 20 sec at max rank  ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Orghord:once a fellow tenno,but captured and modified by grineer technology,orghord serves the grineer. - in game description 

orghord is the warframe that was modified by grineer technology.he posseses multiple abilities that can be observed from grinner themselfs. 

power 1. Laser orghord uses grineer technology,to create a laser laser with 50 rangedoes electrical/fire damagecan be guided by aiming rectilecost to equip:1/2/3cost:25 energyacts armor ignore with base of 50 damage a sec and last for 5 secyou cant move while casting,but you have a 50%damage reduction.uses a void key device lvl 1:50 damage 5 sec    2 60 damage 7 sec    3:70 damage 8 sec 

power 2. Tesla similar to vouban,but acting like captain Vor's Tesla(you know,the 1 he uses) cost:35 energysimilar to voubansticks to fire at 1 enemycan stick to eny surfaceuse's energy color   

power 3 teleport teleports to an enemy location,dealing damage. teleports with max of 50 mtrsdeals damage to nearby when teleported lvl 1 50 meters and 30 damage     2 60 meters and 50 damage        3 70 meters and 70 damage

power 4(ult) barrage orghord launches 5 projectiles similar to rockets that deal 500 damage each rocketif target doesnt die,he rust's lowering every stat by 10% to a max of 30%  alternative:shockwave orghord channels his energy and making a shockwave dealing an armor piercing damage up to 1500 with a 20 meter radius deals a max of 1500 dmg20 metersdeals electric damage,fire dmg and ap dmg __________________________________________________________________________________________ im working still on the infested one.but leave your opinion and suggestion in the comments(also,english is not my mother lenguaje so sry for that :)

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