Damage Mods 

Extremely Important. Percentage from the mods are applied before every other damage type. Therefore every other damage increasing mod is benefiting from the Damage Mods as well, making it the only mods that can increase your damage.


  • Example a Braton with 20 base damage and a Rank 9 Serration (+150%) added to it
  • (20+[20*150%]) = 50
  • The new base damage will be used for the elemental damage calculations

Rifle Damage Mods

  • Serration (+165% Damage at Max Rank 10)
  • Heavy Caliber, Corrupted Counterpart (+165% Damage & -55% Accuracy at Max Rank 10)
  • Stacks together with Faction Damage Mods for a total of +429% Damage

Pistol Damage Mods

  • Hornet Strike (+220% Damage at Max Rank 10)
  • Magnum Force, Corrupted Counterpart (+66% Damage & -33% Accuracy at Max Rank 10)
  • Stacks together with Faction Damage Mods for a total of +371.8% Damage

Shotgun Damage Mods

  • Point Blank (+90% Damage at Max Rank 5)
  • Vicious Spread, Corrupted Counterpart (+90% Damage & +60% Spread at Max Rank 5)
  • Blaze, Nightmare Counterpart (+60% Damage & +60% Heat Damage at Max Rank 3)
  • Stacks together with Faction Damage Mods for a total of  +312% Damage

Melee Damage Mods

  • Pressure Point (+120% Damage at Max Rank 5)
  • Spoiled Strike, Corrupted Counterpart (+100% Damage & -20% Attack Speed at Max Rank 3)
  • Stacks together with Faction Damage Mods for a total of +286% Damage
  • Does NOT stack with channeling damage mods


Also extremely important. Most weapons only fire one pellet per shot, so Multishot will effectively turn them into miniature shotguns. Multishot also affects your Weapon Accuracy & Proc Chance.


  • Pellets Fired = Base Pellet Count * (1 + Multishot)
  • For Example, Hek with a Base Pellet Count of 7 and a Max Rank Hell's Chambers (+120% Multishot) added to it.
  • 7 * (1 + 120%) = 7 * 2.2 = 15.4
  • This means that Hek will fire 15 Pellets and 40% chance to fire 16 Pellets, making your damage output increase by 120% too. (174 [Hek Base Damage] * 2.2 [Multishot] = 382.8 [Final Damage])

Multishot Mods

  • Barrel Diffusion, Pistol (+120% Multishot at Max Rank 5)
  • Lethal Torrent, Pistol, Nightmare (+60% Multishot & +60% Fire Rate at Max Rank 5)
  • Split Chamber, Rifle (+90% Multishot at Max Rank 5)
  • Hell's Chamber, Shotgun (+120% Multishot at Max Rank 5)

Critical Hits


Instead, I redirect you to the page with the full calculation of stuff. (Critical Hits)

Physical Damage

Most weapon's base damage is made up of a combination of three physical damage types: ImpactPuncture, and Slash. The overall physical damage of any given weapon is the sum of Impact, Puncture, and Slash damage.

Most weapons have varying proportions of Impact, Puncture, and Slash damage. This ensures that all enemies can be damaged to some degree.

Some weapons do however replace physical damage with either an elemental or combo elemental damage type. These do not have physical damage and are not affected by Impact, Puncture, or Slash mods.

Elemental Damage

The mods you NEED to help you kill. Elemental Damage can be applied on top of a weapon’s base damage depending on what Elemental Mods are applied. There are four primary Elemental Damage types: Heat Cold Electricity , and Toxin . Combining these Elements together can create even deadlier damage types.

Combined Damage Type Elemental Damage Types Status Effects
Blast Heat Cold Inflicts a small AoE Knockdown effect.
Corrosive Electricity Toxin Reduces Armor permanently.
Gas Heat Toxin Creates an AoE Poison effect in the area.
Magnetic Cold Electricity Reduces Maximum Shields and drains energy.
Radiation Heat Electricity Reduces Accuracy and attacks any closest target.
Viral Cold Toxin Reduces Maximum Health.

Calculation for Elemental Damage

  • Base Damage * Elemental Mod Percentage = Elemental Damage
  • Example, a Braton with 20 Base Damage and a Max Rank Hellfire (+90% Heat Damage) added to it
  • 20 * 90% = 18 Heat Damage

Calculation for Total Damage Output

  • [ Base Damage (Slash + Impact + Puncture) + Elemental ] * Multishot = Total Damage
  • Example, Hek with 174 Base Damage, Max Rank Blaze, Max Rank Charged Shell & Max Rank Hell's Chamber added to it.
  • Base Damage -> [174 + (174 * 60%)] = 274.4
  • Elemental Damage -> [274.4 * (60% + 90%)] = 411.6
  • [274.4 + 411.6] * 2.2 = 1509.2


Damage Types

  • Radiation (Heat + Electric) +75% Damage against Heavy Grineer Units, including Elite Lancers.
  • Viral (Cold + Toxin) +75% Damage against All Grineers, with exception of Machinery.


  • Adding a Grineer Faction Damage Mod can boost the damage output.
  • Puncture or Corrosive could also be a good alternative type.
  • For Innate Radiation Weapons, replace the additional Radiation with Corrosive.


Damage Types

  • Magnetic (Cold + Electric) +75% Damage against Shields & Proto Shields, basically against all Corpus
  • Toxin +50% against Flesh, -25% against Robotic. Corpus enemies comes with a High Base Shield and Low Health. Toxin is able to ignore the shields and immediately damaging the low health, killing them much faster.


  • Adding a Corpus Faction Damage Mod can boost the damage output.
  • It is possible to focus on only Toxin damage, saving additional mod space for other mods.
  • For Innate Toxin Weapons, stack the Toxin Damage while also adding Magnetic.


Damage Types

  • Corrosive (Electric + Toxin) +75% Damage against Ancients, with exception of Healers.
  • Heat +25% Damage against Chargers & Leapers. +50% Damage against Crawler, Runners & Osprey


  • Electric could be a good alternative damage type due to its stun effect.
  • Gas could also be a good alternative type to replace Heat.
  • Adding a Infested Faction Damage Mod can boost the damage output.
  • For Innate Heat Weapons, stack the Heat Damage or add Gas Damage while also adding Corrosive.
  • Melee Weapons are recommended for Non-Ancients due to the low health and the melee weapon's ability to hit multiple enemies. This can also save ammo to be used for Ancients and Ospreys.


Damage Types

  • Corrosive (Electric + Toxin) +75% Damage against Corrupted Heavy Gunners and Ancients.
  • Cold +50% Damage against Shields. This can be extremely useful in the void due to the Orokin Drones projecting shields for its Corrupted Allies.


  • It is best to ignore adding additonal damage types like Toxin & Radiation for the Lancers and Corrupted Corpus.

Modding Sentinel Weapons

Damage Types

  • Blast (Heat + Cold) Knockdowns enemies, making them extremely susceptible to damage.
  • Corrosive (Electric + Toxin) Makes enemies' armors ignore much lesser or no damage at all, making them more susceptible to damage.


  • It is not recommended to select the correct damage types for each faction on your Sentinel Weapons unless you don't mind them stealing your affinity.
  • Blast is extremely important and is not recommended to replace it.


Holy Sh*t someone actually read all the stuff I wrote (and copied) while I was waiting for my potato to be finish cooking. Or just that you were lazy and writing hate comments that everyone already knows these stuff. But still thanks for even being on this page. Also, if you were wondering about the Faction Damage stuff that you saw on another blog post, I was the one who re-edited the thing.

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