Hey guys i was wondering if any of you feel the melee 2.0 systems is not as fluid as you would think it to be. I dont know if you feel the same way but the combos just dont do it for me. I dont hate them but i also dont love them. It feels very satisfying in that one time you pull of a combo against a large crowd of enimies slashing them to bits, but i feel that there is something missing... Ever heard of the game Metal Gear Rising-Reveangence? Great game love it, but when i was playing it, i felt more into the game feeling like i was actually cutting them up the way i wanted to and not just following a strict set of combo moves. I feel like if warframe and the DEVS can integrate something like that into the melee system than i feel like a lot more people would love it. Im not saying that melee 2.0 was the wrong step, but if anything it was the right step and i wish it leads into the path that im hoping. What do you guys think? Even if its as simple as quick time events for parrying. Let me know in the comments below! for example Blade Mode in Metal Gear Rising-Reveangence.

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