(Yes, yes, I know it's shorter than the original, t'was the most I could come up with. Enjoy.)

The Void was another plane, another world that paralleled our own in some twisted parody of all that we had built before the Sentients had arrived to tear asunder our great works. The space around the ship was little more than a conglomeration of swirling vortexes and unnameable colours that twisted and pulsated with each second. This was the Void in all its primal glory, seen without the protective shielding of the bulwarks that the Tenno how call towers. We as a crew knew not what the future held for us in this hellish landscape, nor did we know just how long we would be stuck in this existence for. Then, the sirens blared.

Their noise bounced across the hollow halls of our ship, weaving their infernal racket through every room and corner of the Event Horizon seemingly without cause, but those few of us that weren’t immediately disorientated by the sound knew what it meant; the shields had faltered. The cascades of energy that the Sentients had fired at our vessel were so powerful in their magnitude that the damage had been done, in mere moments the ship and everyone aboard would be torn to atoms amidst one of the countless swirling vortexes that made up Voidspace.

The modulator units near the engines of the vessel gave out first, unsheathing the stuttering drive and leaving it naked to the raw power of the Void, from then it was mere seconds before we had all been blown apart, torn atom from atom in a cataclysmic fire that sparked and died in the same instant. But did we die? Did we succumb to the impossibilities of the Void and end up as little more than motes of dust constantly floating through a pocket dimension? No.

Instead, we became something more, something that the Orokin couldn’t possibly hope to understand or comprehend with their narrow-minded intellect. We became beings of energy, controllers of the primal workings of Voidspace and forever entwined with its fate as a force to be reckoned with in its own universe with its own laws. Of course, this transition from beings of flesh to beings of light wasn’t without its difficulties, some of us simply gave themselves to the Void in a way that was both wasteful and nonsensical. Yet they did so anyway, thinking that there was some kind of a way to return to realspace without being transformed and turned into the natural embodiment of countless possibilities.

And so, we became the masters of this pocket of the Void, this small pit of pulsating colours and warped universal laws with little to show for it besides envy for those we had left behind. But as fate would have it, luck was on our side this day.

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