• LiquidReign

    Trade Hassle

    January 11, 2014 by LiquidReign

    Hello, I am LiquidReign.  While I do not believe that this will be read by the masses, I felt the need to do write about my hate of the  trade channel and the majority of people in it.  I am a player who enjoys trading on almost any game that has it.  

    Trading in games allows for more community interaction and creates an economy that allows players to become richer in games.   In games where the currency of choice is purchasable whether it be straight from the source or via farmers, it allows players to essentially pay to win.  I am not against this, if you have the disposable income and a lack of time to enjoy the game, spend it as you please.   How efficient and easy it is to trade is something that really has a huge effect on a game.  If…

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