Hello, I am LiquidReign.  While I do not believe that this will be read by the masses, I felt the need to do write about my hate of the  trade channel and the majority of people in it.  I am a player who enjoys trading on almost any game that has it.  

Trading in games allows for more community interaction and creates an economy that allows players to become richer in games.   In games where the currency of choice is purchasable whether it be straight from the source or via farmers, it allows players to essentially pay to win.  I am not against this, if you have the disposable income and a lack of time to enjoy the game, spend it as you please.   How efficient and easy it is to trade is something that really has a huge effect on a game.  If you make the process to tedious, you take away peoples motivation to trade.  To me Warframe has done this, trading is too tedious. 

The various steps to complete a trade is something that is overly tedious. 

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There is a distinct lack of rules in this section and for the ones there are, there is a distinct lack of a post informing people what the rules are.

  • Bumping
    • Bumping was removed, new posts to a topic do not increase its ranking on the forum
    • Bumping should have been limited to 1 per 24 hours.
    • The new Bumping is creating a new Topic once the previous has left to front page
  • Titles
    • There is no format for titles
    • Creating some sort of [WTB]-[WTS]-[WTT] tag would create some order
    • For posts that have a single mod in [WTB]-[WTS] prices in title would be nice.
  • Content of Topics
    • In [WTS] posts it would be nice to see the price you are selling
    • Asking for whispers in-game or Private Messages Offers limits trading
    • Offers should be public as it allows other to gauge how much a mod is worth
  • Content of Posters
    • Non serious inquiries should not be made
    • Posts should only engage in the transaction via buying, selling, or suggesting a correct value. 
  • High Value Transactions
    • Posting pictures with proof of Mods, Platinum, and Credit Tax should be required by buyers and seller

Bumping can be annoying when there is not limit place on how often it can be made.  Allowing people to make multiple topics on the same sale is even more annoying.  

The titles have become a clusterf*$# of <<<<<<>>>>>> and other random characters to attempt to grab attention.

Threads with only  "PM me in-game with offer" automatically, make me close out.   Posts with "Acorn" as an offer or stupid meme pictures do not add and should not even be made.

Browsing the forums I notices one post in which a person replied to a [WTB] thread saying they would sell Primed Chamber for 6k plat, but later edited the post to say they did not have the credits to afford the tax.  This same person also had a [WTS] thread of Primed Chamber for 10k plat.  It is obvious that if they cannot afford 3 million tax they cannot afford 5 million.  


Solutions to this problem would obviously be the creation of a set rule system that would punish people for multiple violations of the rules.

Creating sub forums for Buying and Selling would allow players a more organized method of finding posts.

Creating a sub forum for High Value transactions above 1k plat would be nice.  This forum could have the requirement of proof images to be posted by buyers and sellers. 

  • Spamming
    • It is rampant
    • Annoying
    • Makes reading through hard
  • Clicking Names
    • Having to scroll to find the name sucks
  • Content
    • Full of <<<>>> attention grabbing characters
    • Lack of Prices on either WTB or WTS
    • Non Trade related chat and Spam

The chat is full of random conversation, spam of full page items being bought or sold.  The overall organization of the trade channel is terrible. 

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I remember the days of Runescape circa 2004-2005 when I would buy in F2P zones and resell in the P2P zones, doubling my money easily. The system was similar to that of Warframes current. You spam what you are selling or you spam what you are buying and hope someone takes an interest. Keyword being, Spam. Spamming was the best way to get people to see what you were selling or buying. Spamming means that those who do not do it, will likely have their message skipped over.

Guild Wars had a fun and interesting economy. The currency of choice for small transactions under 100k generally could be made with cash. The game limited this though with limits on how much a player could store and carry. Because of this rare resources such as ecto became the currency of choice as there value was generally 8k and fluctuated rarely. The only real way to effect the value was to flood sell or buy ecto from merchants, would might sway the overall market, but result in a loss for the people doing so. Later on in the game a rarer item was released which was worth 20+ ecto. This became the currency of choice for those Bill Gates of the game. Currency in this game is worthless in trade, except for the tax imposed. It can be concluded that the reason of the tax is to prevent platinum re-sellers. This game does not allow the trade of resources as they are available in the market for a set price. Reducing the ability for an in game economy to form such as the one that did in Guild Wars. In the earlier days of trading in Guild Wars, chat spam was the way to go. There was a trade channel much like that of the one being used in Warframe, it was a clusterf*#( and full of people talking over trade and turning it into a region channel. Eventually, the introduced the party search feature which had a trade channel. This allowed users to post WTB or WTS ads which so long as the person was in the zone, could be viewed by anyone searching the trade announcements. It is something this game could benefit greatly by having.

An auction house as we have seen with Diablo 3, is no the best option. It can take away from the fun of a game and turn it into a business. I know that when that game first came out you could sell the worst common item you found for a couple bucks. I for one made $15 off a terrible item I put up because, I could. There is no argument that the Real Money Auction house was a massive mistake. With Warframe there is no way to convert platinum to cash in a safe way. Just as platinum anyone attempting to platinum resell run into the problem of players having to pay 500 credits per plat. An auction house generally limits trading items for items. It promotes currency over the barter system. Instead of Mod for Mod, it becomes only Mod for Platinum. Buyouts would allow people to purchase and sell mods in a manner that is better then the stupid chat spam. It would also allow those uncertain of values to post something and allow others to effectively name the price.

Guild Wars 2 introduced the Black Lion Trading Company. This allowed people to trade without actually ever meeting. People would post their item for sale at the value of their choice and people would then purchase them. There is no bidding and transactions can be made instant.

The RuneScape spam town and Guild Wars Spamadon are reminiscent of the current state of in game trading chat. Except after having swam through the spam you still have to wade through the names bar to find the right one and then enter the dojo to make the face to face trade. Hoping that the dojo you entered is not created by idiots who have imposed a tax. Lets face it, you really do not need 100% clan tax or any tax for that matter.

The Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2 method limits player interaction because they never have to meet face to face to complete trades. This does not mean that they cannot do so. In both games you could still meet up and make face to face trades. Face to Face advantages were that sellers could create a customer base and provide discounts without having to pay extra taxes posed by the Auction House or Trading Company.

Both the auction house and trading company have their advantages and disadvantages. One has a set end time, which usually is not instant unless a Buyout is places. A trading company prevents competitive bidding for items. Bidding is not really needed for lower value items with generally set values. Large fluctuating values items such a primed chamber would benefit from a auction system. Both low and high value items would benefit from the trading company as a seller could simply create the competitiveness by progressively lowering their items cost on the market if they wanted to.

The importance of using the dojo is probably one that should remain. Using the Trade Post in the dojo to access the Trading Company or Auction house would do so.

Note: There are probably grammatical and spelling errors. It's a blog and not intended as a term paper.

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