7/25/2013: Okay, here's the situation. Digital Extreme (DE) has currently capped Broframe until the alliance system is introduced. Until then, no one is capable of inviting, so please, stop sending me friend requests until then. Thank you and have a good day.


I'll make this short and sweet, Broframe is a large, up and coming clan with over 2.6k (it's now 7.6k fyi) members to date with an average of 300 online members at any one time.. As of right now, our Dojo is nearly complete with the exception of the research facilities and equipment which cannot be "rushed".With that said, if you want to be part of AkaMikeB's growing space empire don't hestitate to join. My in-game name is llSolusll so send me a friend request and I'll make sure to invite you.

Here's a video of the dojo (note: this video is not current with the status of the dojo as it's a day or two old).

Edit: There's seems to be some confusion. I am not the creator of the clan or AkamikeB. This is merely a recruitment post I made to help the clan. Sorry for the mixup

Warframe U8 - Dojo Update Resources Needed!13:58

Warframe U8 - Dojo Update Resources Needed!

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