(english is bad, but try to understand)

I've played  some invasion lately, but somneting have been bugging me: When the battle finally was over nothing changed, the sector was back to normal. I would like to see a more dynamic soloar system.

if anyone from DE see this (which they proberbly won't) please consider what im saying (which you would proberbly not).

So my idea: If lets say Corpus where to launch an invasion on Hapke (ceres) and win, Hapke would then be Corpus spy on a Grineer planet. Now Corpus could either advance and for exampel go to Kiste (still ceres), or Grineer could try to retake the sector. This will make ppl fight for Corpus/Grineer for the faction, instead of the reward (approx the reward... they are humiliatingly tiny for 5 hole mission) and the solar system would be a litle more dynamic.

would like to hear your thoughts down below, or if you think my idea is drunk as f*ck.

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