Excalibur, the Agile: Loki and Ash are faster. Loki has more enemy avoidance/traversal options.               

Volt, the Electrician: Volt's much better at completely frying electric components than fixing them...

Mag, She's Attractive: Magnets, how do they work?

Rhino, the Tank: Not with that nerf he's not. If anything Frost is a better tank.

Trinity, the Support: At least it's not "The Medic".

Frost, "Ice, Ice, Baby!": If you forgot about that so-bad-it's-good 90's hit, here's a reminder for you.

Ember, "Burn, Baby, Burn!": Disco died for a reason. Also your Go-To catchphrase/tagline for almost every fire related character ever. Just put "burn baby burn" in the search bar on deviantArt. I'll wait till you get back.

Ash, the Assassin: Ash had nothing better going for him, so in a group of SPACE NINJAS he gets labeled "the Assassin". Imagine Raphael, the Temperamental. Michaelangelo, the Laid-Back. Donatello, the Genius. Leonardo, the Ninja-Turtle.

Nyx, the Telepath: I see no problem with this one.

Loki, the Infiltrator: Almost suffers from the same problem as Ash. Could have been the Manipulator. Could have been the Trickster like his namesake.

Banshee, Sonic Boom!: If Banshee was an anime character, I could see her announcing all her attacks like that. Sonic Boom! SHINING FINGER!!

Saryn, Plays With Corrosives: Ember could have been Plays With Fire. That would have actually made sense.

Vauban, the Trapper: This one's okay. I'd prefer boobytrapper.

I just think these little titles after the frames in the HomePage slideshow should be erased, but I seem unable to edit it myself.

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