• LunchLesS

    So I hear the next primes out are going to be Nova Prime, Soma Prime, and Vasto Prime. 

    I also hear quite a few people aren't too happy about them. Gamebreaking. Too OP. Should be only available through Platinum (now that's an interesting concept!)

    To me there's a huge underlying issue behind this, and it's people just don't like farming void missions.

    See, the issue with the Void is the team-finding process you need to go through in order to get a party into void missions. It's actually a huge contributor to why people hate farming for new Prime equipment.

    Think about it.

    First you go to Recruiting Chat and spam "H>insert tower here" for like 5 minutes. That's not fun. Then you get a party of newbies who can't survive the mission and die at likā€¦

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