So I hear the next primes out are going to be Nova Prime, Soma Prime, and Vasto Prime. 

I also hear quite a few people aren't too happy about them. Gamebreaking. Too OP. Should be only available through Platinum (now that's an interesting concept!)

To me there's a huge underlying issue behind this, and it's people just don't like farming void missions.

See, the issue with the Void is the team-finding process you need to go through in order to get a party into void missions. It's actually a huge contributor to why people hate farming for new Prime equipment.

Think about it.

First you go to Recruiting Chat and spam "H>insert tower here" for like 5 minutes. That's not fun. Then you get a party of newbies who can't survive the mission and die at like 5 minutes. 10 minutes of your life down the drain and you don't even have a possibility of farming what you want. That's not fun.

So to counter this, people go, "need Trinity!" or "need Vauban!" in the hopes that they'll get a high-level player. (Well, they do this in my region at least.) And that just part of what puts the whole "this frame is broken" mindset into people's heads. I could bring my 2-forma Excalibur and easily get to 30 minutes, but NOPE you must have a Vauban. You'd even prefer a kid who just bought his Rank 0 Vauban with plat and is spamming Tesla over me.

Then there goes another Void Key, and 10 minutes of your life. (Actually slightly longer because you waited until a Vauban came along.) That's not fun.

So, solutions.

Ideally DE should just make each Void mission node like a regular mission that you can join as long as you have a key. This saves players a lot of time and hassle when it comes to farming void missions themselves, but it means everyone needs keys first - and keys are best farmed by going to low-level Survival and Defence around the solar system. (Or by Syndicate for Tower 4, but supposedly only really high-level players should be going there)

What does this mean? You need to get to at least 15 minutes in Apollodorus or Venera to get your key.

What does this mean? Everyone who goes to the Void knows how to play Survival and Defence, at least basic understanding of game objectives and mob level scaling. And (more importantly) everyone is responsible for their own success because it's their own void key.

People could argue that it requires more farm this way. I say I'd rather be farming for keys and gaining affinity/mods/credits while I'm at it than sitting in the damned Recruiting Chat spamming messages over and over again. If I wanted to do that I might as well quit game and watch Twitch Plays Pokemon. If keys are really an issue then just use your credit/platinum stash to buy keys off the market or trading post. It'll probably still be cheaper than getting frustrated and buying Prime Access.

Of course it's not foolproof. Players can get keys they don't deserve through Login Rewards, Market purchases, or on the Trading Post. I'm not recommending to stop that in any way because players that can farm said missions could use the keys over another Dual Zoren blueprint AARRRRGHH.  But this would make farming the Void so much smoother than what it currently is. Yes, it seems really small. But by streamlining the mission system and reducing frustration in farming prime weapon parts, DE's system would finally become understandable. It would really help make the player population accept the Prime warframes and weapons for what they are; end-game items that are supposed to be the best, instead of game-breaking weapons or semi-cosmetic frames that only rich kids have in this P2W game.

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