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  • Mac10smg

    EDIT: Two things. One: I miscalculated and now I know that Miasma has a total of 4 ticks, with the initial damage counting as one tick alongside the duration. Two: The debuff stack theory IS correct, so Combining Viral + Toxin + Miasma = a buckload of damage.

    EDIT 2: I usually don't get this worked up over a topic like this even when it comes to my precious Mag. I just need some time to calm down and look at the arguments everyone makes. I'm not saying my opinion will change or anything, just that I can see the light people try to shine in my eyes. So, if I sounded rude in the comments, I'm sorry. No secret jabs this time.

    With update 17.10 and the brand new Saryn re-work, I though it best to explain my thoughts on the re-work as a whole, as…

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  • Mac10smg

    Okay, I'm going to do a SERIOUS BLOG this time. Not some insane crap about...well...I'm not going to say, but it was VEEERY irrelevant.

    Don't even ask me about it, I don't wanna remember...

    ANYWAY, by the title of this blog, it's not about the aformentioned insane crap. It's on the subject of a very serious issue when it comes to Warframe: reworks. Now, I do appreciate how frames function out of the box, but if they get reworked into something amazing, I'll feel excited about it. The most recent example bieng the upcomming Frost rework (and, when U17 comes out, THE Frost rework).

    Now, I understand what the Devs were thinking when they planned this out. They wanted to expand upon his offensive options, thus the changes made to his last three a…

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  • Mac10smg

    When I get bored in Warframe, I usually take out weapons that I haven't used in a while and just kill stuff with it. Bad weapons, good weapons, in-between weapons, just anything really. I am also one to believe that each weapon has it's own strength, no matter how specific it is. There may be exceptions, but that's the general way I think.

    This gave me an idea, however. Instead of just using them, I figured I could take weapons that have either recieved hate in the past or are still hated to this day and put them to the test; I want to see what these so-called "bad weapons" could achieve.

    The subject of this specific test is my personal favorite of this class of weapon: the Paracyst rifle. Now, I did do tests on all three of the quanta serie…

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  • Mac10smg

    Okay, so, I think I'm just going to say waht is on ALL our minds:

    We don't like the .

    Come on, even those who say that it's for the Cold mods have got to admit that it's not very interesting of a polarity, unless you're one of those people.

    HOWEVER, there is something that's ben bugging me ever since DE released the Atomos. Specifically, about the polarity in question.

    Now, we've had the D for a while now, and for that long while, we've had a strong dislike for it. NOT a hatred of it (that's what a lot of the supporters think, unless the person specifically said it was a disadvantage to them), just the fact that we would prefer a V or a Dash.

    DE has, overall, given a blind eye to this polarity. Update after update, we keep getting more and more…

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  • Mac10smg

    Okay, once again, I have created something that most people would not want to do. Also, it didn't make sense. Yeah...I do that a lot.

    So, in order to make this manageable, I have decided to do the experimentation myself and post this as a challenge instead of something that has to be proven.

    Now, the guidelines for my challenge.

    1) You must create a new account.

    2) You can only use the Mk-1 starters as well as the normal versions of those starters.

    4) You can only use the Warframe you got in the tutorial.

    5) You cannot use your starter platinum untill you fully upgrade at least 1 upgrade weapon.

    6) You cannot buy platinum. You can only get it from trading and the login rewards. Community challenges on the forum are fair game.

    7) Choose ONE Sentina…

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