When I get bored in Warframe, I usually take out weapons that I haven't used in a while and just kill stuff with it. Bad weapons, good weapons, in-between weapons, just anything really. I am also one to believe that each weapon has it's own strength, no matter how specific it is. There may be exceptions, but that's the general way I think.

This gave me an idea, however. Instead of just using them, I figured I could take weapons that have either recieved hate in the past or are still hated to this day and put them to the test; I want to see what these so-called "bad weapons" could achieve.

The subject of this specific test is my personal favorite of this class of weapon: the Paracyst rifle. Now, I did do tests on all three of the quanta series, but I didn't include the Quanta/Quanta Vandal because they are considered good weapons by most, and I didn't do the Mutalist Quanta because...erm... Remember when I said there were exceptions? Yeah... Wasn't joking.

Aaanyway, let's start by clarifying a few things I will do in these tests.

1. Phase one involves going to a Ceres exterminate mission (Either Vedic or Ludi) and killing all Grineer. If the weapon performs to my expectations, I move to phase two.

2. Phase two involves going to either a Tier 3 or Tier 4 void exterminate mission (I prefer Tier 4 because of Corrupted Vor spawning there) and either kill a certain amount of enemies (for good weapons) or kill ALL enemies (for very exceptional weapons).

3. There is a special phase that happens after a weapon exceeds my expectations on both previous phases, where I specifically go to a Tier 4 void survival mission and use it exclusively. If it can make it to 20 minutes, then it's not as bad as we think :-P

4. When I say a weapon enters the 'danger zone', it's when a weapon has lower than 60% ammunition remaining (por ejemplo, the danger zone for the Paracyst would be when ammo drops below 325.)

5. When I say BPC, it just simply means 'bullets per clip'.

Now, let's actually get started...

Important statistics

First off, we need to know what specific mods I use for the weapon. Note that all weapons I use will have exactly zero forma added, to maintain consistency.

The weapon deals innate toxin damage, so it has an immediate advantage against the void, being able to get corrosive damage boosted to a considerable amount. Grineer will get viral, which deals good damage, but Radiation will still be added to deal damage against heavies of the alloy armor type.

I use serration, split chamber, two 90% elementals and two 60% status/elemental mods, with Cryo Rounds always in the D polarity. In total, I will have: 313.5 Viral/Corrosive, 188.1 Radiation/Blast, and 53.3% status chance. (Note: a D polarity in the first slot isn't much of a problem to me, as blast can be easily overridden by corrosive when dealing with heavy gunners, and on a high status weapon, it can be a viable tool. HOWEVER, I will not accept a cold weapon, bast weapon, or a heat weapon with a D polarity as the blast will end up being the majority. It's even worse on a heat weapon because you can't use cold as a standalone element. So, I only recommend formaing out Cold, Blast, and Heat weapon D polarities.)

Now, onto phase one.

Ceres Exterminate

For the tests, I use Loki to stay out of enemy sights, because I don't want to die and have to start the test over again.

Now, there were 70 enemies to kill (69 if you don't count the Manic spawn). Overall, the thing did well. It didn't even go below 500 ammo, which is nice, I guess. Here's how the exterminate went: It took 1-2 BPC to kill Elite lancers/Scorpions, It took 3-4 BPC to kill Troopers/Ballistas, It took 5-6 BPC to kill Seekers/Eviceraors, It took 6-10 BPC to kill Heavies (Bombards, Heavy Gunners)

With the Manic spawn, it took about 13 ammo to kill.

I completed the mission within 11 min. 32 sec.

Notes about Phase 1

I found myself using the secondary fire much more avidly than the primary. There are two things I suspect made me do this: 1. There is a sorta-kinda scope with it, making it much more comfortable, 2. It did DoT, which made it more efficient, 3. The thing procced like CRAZY.

I was effectively able to do multi-target CC by grappling several targets, causing either viral-radiation to proc, then repeating over and over until the enemies were dead. It was quite effective and, frankly, quite fun.

However, that doesn't really dismiss the time it took. On average, the time:enemy ratio was about 1:6, which isn't all that fast, especialy considering that it's single target.

Overall, although it took a while, the Paracyst looked promising so far, so I moved on to phase 2.

Teir Three Exterminate (Sorry, didn't have Tier four...darn...)

Unfortunately, I will have to only kill a certain amount of enemies, because although it did well, it didn't do it fast enough. I don't want to take ages to do this, get me?

During these types of tests, I will kill a total of 32 enemies. giving me some time to find a bunch of every enemy type to kill.....unfortunately, I wasn't able to kill more than one bombard, so that won't be so conclusive.

Anyway, I killed 5 Butchers, Lancers, and Crewmen (for the sake of consistency), 2 Nullifiers, 2 Ancients, 3 Heavy Gunners and Moas, 1 Bombard, and 6 Ospreys.

Here's how it went: 2-5 BPC to kill Butchers/Lancers/Crewmen, 1-3 BPC to kill Ospreys, 2 BPC to kill the Nullifiers (one of them was an eximus, if that means anything...) 6-8 BPC to kill the Ancients, 13-18 BPC to kill Heavy gunners, and a whopping 17 ammo to kill the Bombard.

Overall, it didn't do...too badly, I must say. Not as good as in the grineer test, but admirable nonetheless. However, the ammo did drop to about 490-480 when i was testing, so that could be noted.

It took about 6 min. and 23 seconds to meet the kill quota.

Notes about Phase 2

In terms of primary/secondary fire, I used them about the same amount of times. I was much more spammy with the secondary fire, and I used the primary fire to finish off weakened enemies or to get a quick blast/corrosive proc off.

I did notice something interesting, however. While testing, I saw that the grapple rag-doll and the blast proc were independent of each other. What that means is that they interrupt each other and don't simply ignore each other. To explain further, I was able to trigger a blast proc on an enemy, use the secondary fire, and before the enemy could even recover, they would get pulled in by the grapple and override the blast proc. And while they were taking DoT from a separate grapple, they even sometimes blast procced and got knocked down once again.

The time was a bit quicker, but not relative to the enemy count; that is a ratio of 1:5. A little better, but not by much.

Is it Good?

Now, here's what I think: By itself, it is simply average. The weapon may be effective, but it all depends on one factor: time. If it takes you one whole minute to kill just 5-6 enemies when other weapons could do x3 or x4 that in half the time, it makes the weapon kinda meh.

However, it's strength lies in its utility. I found it very useful to cripple Bombards and Heavy gunners while I take care of lighter units. If the big guys get back up, I knock 'em back down. Also, it makes landing ground finishers stupidly easy.

We also cannot fail to mention the procs. The grapple does 5 total hits: the initial strike, and 4 DoT spikes after. 5 separate opportunities with a 53.3% status chance is going to do some work.

So, all-in-all, I would say the paracyst is above-average. It may not stand up to its Quanta brother, but for general mobbing it's a good choice.

Total Results

Phase 1 avg. BPC/enemy: 6

Phase 2 avg. BPC/enemy: 6

Total time: 17 min. 55 sec.

Times Entering Danger Zone: 0

One more thing...

So, there it is. My test on how good the Paracyst can be.

However, there is one more thing I want you to know before I end this... Remember when I said that I tested both the Quanta and the Mutalist quanta? Well...erm...

The Mutalist quanta dropped below the Danger zone. Three times. On phase one. Yeah...

On this scale, how much do you hate the Mutalist Quanta?

The poll was created at 06:49 on June 14, 2015, and so far 100 people voted.

I'll probably do more weapons, if I feel it necessary. Anyway, that will be all for today. Hope this was informative.

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