EDIT: Two things. One: I miscalculated and now I know that Miasma has a total of 4 ticks, with the initial damage counting as one tick alongside the duration. Two: The debuff stack theory IS correct, so Combining Viral + Toxin + Miasma = a buckload of damage.

EDIT 2: I usually don't get this worked up over a topic like this even when it comes to my precious Mag. I just need some time to calm down and look at the arguments everyone makes. I'm not saying my opinion will change or anything, just that I can see the light people try to shine in my eyes. So, if I sounded rude in the comments, I'm sorry. No secret jabs this time.

With update 17.10 and the brand new Saryn re-work, I though it best to explain my thoughts on the re-work as a whole, as well as addressing any naysayers that may come across this.

Why naysayers? Well...

...let's just say this re-work wasn't well recieved.

I personaly thought it was good, so I was pondering why people would find this re-work bad. Sure, she may have less DPS than before, but that argument would only be valid if I gave a damn about DPS, so let's just ignore that for now.

So, to do what I always do (that is, go through each ability and say my thoughts), let's look into the Saryn re-work and see what is in store.

(First, to get the frame-specific things out of the way, I don't technically like how her HP was nerfed and armor buffed, but oh well, what are you gonna do? The +25% status is definitely nice and is gonna go good with viral + radiation combo. The +50 base energy is, in my opinion, the best change of the bunch. Considering how fast you'll be using powers, it's pretty nice.)

1. Spore

Okay, first off, why did they change the name? I don't mind it considering its damage type but seriously...random much?

Anyway, there's been a few tweaks on how this thing works. It has less spores per target (3 down from six) but that litteraly means nothing since they deal twice the damage as before. Ignorable.

The Viral-proc-on-destruction is VERY nice, especially against enemies with high HP that are susceptable to the Viral procs. It also synergizes well with her last two abilities, which I will get to in a moment.

The damage tick/duration change...well...I don't really care about it. It's there, great, woo, next change.

The Toxin transfer on spore destruction is a nice change, especially with Corpus and their shields, but again, not really something to ride home on about. Though, It does feel pretty badass to see all those DoT's go off all at once :P

Overall, I think this ability got a good change. I don't think it's TOO much more powerful than its previous incarnation, but for a changed ability, it's good.

2. Molt

Can we just say that regenerative molt is a mod that exists and you can use it? Good? Good. Onto the ability.

The Miasma absorb change is...passable...but again, fairly ignorable as the enemies will probably already be dead because, well, you USED MIASMA.

Anyway, the spore changes, however, are pretty awesome. Just think: You're low on HP and a bunch of butchers are chasing you. You cast molt + spore on it and run while Regenerative molt works its magic. Butchers attack the clone, get sprayed, then you move in and cast Miasma to kill them all. If you have energy to spare, this it's a pretty damaging and fun thing to do.

Overall, I think this was actually a pretty good change, and makes Rage and Regenerative molt a devestating combo when used properly. I give it two thumbs up.

3. Toxic Lash


Anyway...onto the ability. Jesus...

The increase to damage and duration is, in my opinion, what improves this ability right from the start. It makes duration Saryns much more threatening in melee finally...

The guarenteed toxin proc, at first, I didn't really get. That is, however, before I realized that it counted as a Toxin proc that could spread when I used it with Spore. That is when I realized how much Spore and this ability could synergize. All those DoT's going off at feels GOOD.

And THAT is a good segway into the next change: This abiltiy causes Spores to explode. Just listen to this: You strike an enemy with a 100% toxin proc + a buckload of toxin damage + melee damage + a viral proc that halves HP if they werent afflicted already. Brilliant, just plain brilliant.

And continuing the segway train, we come to the point that the toxn damage is now based on melee mods instead of the base damage. Not really much else to say except that it goes well with the base damage increase.

The block bonus is also good for encouraging a melee build. It provides a good amount of defense in a sticky situation.

Now, this may be a stretch, but I think this is my favorite of the bunch. The damage combined with the synergy with spore just clicks with me, and I really enjoy using it. Now if they could only revert the name...

Seriously, which sounds more intimidating, Toxic Slash or Contagion? You do the math :P

4. Miasma

God, give me strength.

And a flame shield.

The Duration change actually IMPROVED MIASMA.


However...there are other changes, so once you are done screaming "Fek u moron" at the screen, let's move on before I readress it.

The doubled damage when the enemy is affected by Toxin/Viral is pretty good, especially against bossed that aren't immune to those effects. I don't know if the damage bonuses stack, but if they do...oh man. The synergistic potential of this frame is infinite.

The duration re-set upon re-cast (I love hyphens...) is pretty decent, means you can keep the damage up or re-stun when needed.

Now, I didn't really notice any damage changes per-se, but if t does, then great. Now, to move on as to why I believe duration made it better...

The new Miasma has a duration of 3 seconds + the initial damage on cast, with 350 damage being delt with each tick. With +81% duration, that increases to 5.4-ish seconds.

So, 350 x 6 = 2100 damage. But wait, there's more.

Let's say you cast spore and toxic lash (ugh) and spray a group of enemies, then cast miasma. Then the enemies, whom some have half HP, will take 5250 damage over 5 seconds, with an additional 1050 damage totaling to a whopping 6300 damage.

Delicious damage is delicious. Now it's on the level of the negative duration Miasma, albiet a little slower.

Now, to address some of the things I have seen in the comments about the re-work. If there are others, feel free to mention.

1. She no good inhigh lvl she mastery fodder she terrible frame she iwketbiwutiruehtikejruhter (Sorry, I get bored writing copy-paste dialogue.)

So, let me get this straight: You think she is bad because she isn't good in the non-important places (a.k.a. endless missions)? Well then, I suggest you go back to English class and re-learn how to make a good argument, because that is not the best one you can come up with.

The fact of the matter is, that classic excuse to bash a frame gets thinner and thinner as time goes by. Now there are a variety of ways to get what you need: Low level interception, Spy missions, Sabotage missions, bosses, alerts, Syndicate missions, Simarus daily alerts...realistically, that is what you should be farming, not pointless 90-minute survivals or 80-wave defense.

Sure, the argument could come up that you do it in void because you want to save keys. Well, how about you get MORE PEOPLE? OR DO DRACO? (Draco is also a good example of a low-end mission with good rewards, most don't even go after wave 4 anyway.)

2. But, but...DPS :P

And like I said before: DPS can go die in a hole.

Not only does it suck the fun out of everything, but it's not very relevant if you expect a FRAME to output it. Um, excuse me, but killing things with warframe powers sholdn't be that high of a priority. There isn't a single mid-high level enemy that you can't kill with a good gun and a can-do attitude.

Plus, it's not very relevant when basic enemies practically have billions of HP...again, going to the high level argument...

3. She is energy whore.

Rage + Regenerative molt. Use it or get out.

4. Negative duration is dead.

And I say it shouldnt've been a thing in the first place. Sure, it was efficient killing with Miasma, but it got boring after a while. I actually want to be able to USE other warframe abilities, you know.

Plus, if you were using it just to breeze through an exterminate or something, then you do realize that other, more energy-efficient options exist, right? World on Fire, Prism, Maim, just to name a few.

So, this has been my analasys/slightly rantish blog about the re-work. Hate it if you want to, this is my opinion anyway.

Now, post in the comments if you think I'm right, wrong, think I should go die in a hole alongside DPS, etc. Also feel free to post your own opinions about the topic. Just remember: Criticism =/= Hatred.

Okay, I'll remove the flame shield. I just hope the impact isn't too great.

UPDATE: Something new: The 'spasm combo' syndrome and "Fast Paced" game (edgy name for it, if I do say so myself).

Now, I do realize that I may have some comments, so I just need a calm workspace to just elaborate my thoughts and not get worked over several stupid comments. I swear, no subtle jabs or insults this time.

To adress the first point of contention: the Spasm Combo syndrome (as I like to call it), or when people say things like "You need to x and y to get z, and that's not fixing things" or something like that. In my opinion, and I put emphasis on OPINION this time (I really haven't been doing that...), is that...well...I'm not bashing, but I think that mindset isn't good. Sure, you CAN do the combo and waste energy, or you could kill things with your gun or just use one ability and work from there. I guess my thought is: even though there IS a combo, that doesn't mean you should focus on that solely.

And the whole "Fast-paced ninja game" brought to my attention (and kept repeating to me, but it not sticking with me) by lovely A Lone Tenno IP no. (yes, if you check your page, the IP will be there). Now, I am calm enough to have a good view on the matter, so let's get started.

I don't think that this is much of a strong argument. Sure, we MAY be space ninjas, and we CAN more-or-less use quick parkour. But, and this is a huge but, I don't think it's strong argument when dealing with Saryn in particular mainly could argue that with a whole bunch of frames.

So, here's what I think about it: I can't really see the point in complaining about how she WAS a nuker or that she WAS a one-trick pony when there is clearly a new Saryn standing right there wondering 'why are they so obsessed with comparing me to how I used to play rather than complaining about how I play now'. I've noticed that the people who bring that up (again, refering to IP no., usually connect it to Miasma in one way or another. Denying the changes made to Saryn as a whole and just focusing on Miasma, IMO, is not the way to go with this.

I know I went on a tangent there, but I guess what I'm saying is this: it's not strong because it doesn't apply to the big issue here. The big issue that really connects to it is how a lot of us are obsessed with comparing her to how she was played then, rather than accept how she is supposed to be played now.

To quote something (that you may not understand, but I don't care if you do and hate me for it), "My past does not define me, because my past is not today."

Again, not trying to force this onto anyone, just showing my perspective on the matter. Agree or disagree, I will see what your argument perains to and understand why you would think the way you do.

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