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Now first off, if you haven't seen my previous rambling, then go to the link.

"On the subject of so-called 'useless warframes...

Now that that's taken care of, let's get a move on!

If you cared to read the title of the blog (and you most likely have), then we shall talk about many kinds of weapons, free of Somas, Brakks, and Galatines!

(Quick disclaimer, I do not have any views or opinions on the specific matter, I am just studying what people say in the comments and composing them in a blog.)

Now, for those who know how damage 2.0 changed everything (yet again, I'm pretty sure you have), then you know how some weapons got altered, like the Acrid not ignoring armor and the Dread suddenly becoming one of the most OP bows in-game. If you did notice, I congradulate you....

...for acting like you always act.

Seriously? 'This weapon sucks now'? 'It isn't worth it anymore'? Come on...

And what is with all the hate on new weapons? If you have it, experienced its playstyle, and have specific criticism on it, then congratulations. Mogamu will be proud.

But if you don't use it and hate it anyway, then congratulations, you earned a 'get hated by everyone' badge. People will not accept just saying that a weapon sucks, you need to do something called 'elaboration'.

Now, I shall bring up the two weapons I mentioned earlier, the Acrid and Dread.

The Acrid has recieved some...interesting critique. Most of the people would critisize its low damage, non armor-ignore, and the fact that it deals so little DoT damage. People with the minds of shooting something once and the thing dying has these comments.

The Dread, however, is a different story. People cnstantly praise the high damage, good DPS, and now the crit chance. OH MY GOD, DEM CRITS

Now here's the thing-most people didn't like the Dread during damage 1.0 because it was 'bad end-game content'. But now, everyone wants one.

How did this happen? How did the Dread, a so-called 'useless weapon' before update 11, become a weapon that the Acrid never could reach? How?

Then there are those who worship Soma, Brakk, and Galatine. Lets hurt some feelings for once...

The Soma, when used right, can be amazing. But you forget one thing...


Without one, the Soma is pretty much a Grakata with horrible ammo efficiency and a 30% crit. And forma doesn't exactly grow on trees, unless you're decently leveled. Not saying it isn't good, just that it isn't the best weapon off the bat. Not everyone has time to wait for alerts or invasions, let's just say that.

The Brakk sports high damage with everyone's favorite thing: DAMAGE FALLOFF. Not to mention NOT EVERYONE HAS ONE. Stop bragging already, sheesh. All you did was complete 100 invasions. Heck, I didn't even get one...tight scheduals...the Brakk was exclusive, and thus it is good. Just people who don't have it will diss it.

The Galatine, may I remind you, Is a melee weapon. Unless you're really quick or have a frame with CQC built in the name, then forget it. Two second charge time un-moded is always going to be painful. Mostly slash damage will do poorly against high level Grineer and Corpus. Be mindfull that crit chance is only 25%, increased to 44%...non crits will not do much damage against 50+ enemies.

These are in no way saying any of them suck, just that none of these weapons are perfect. In fact, I would reccomend you try different weapons other than these as primary weapons if they are the only ones you use for extended periouds of time.

Now, like the previous blog, state your favs. Good=more good.

So what the answer is, why people don't like weapons, is simple: No one-shot, not worth it. Damage 2.0 has worsened that for some people. Damage 2.0 was the smartest thing in Warframe, and those people aren't ever going to be used to it. Especialy if they just decide to say 'this weapon sucks'.

Now comment, If you want.

Time to clarify again,

1: You will not understand me right off the bat. Make sure you absolutely understand what I am trying to write before anything els happens. I make mistakes, just like everybody els.


3: I am trying to get new players to know that not all weapons are bad. There, now I have 'elaborated'.

P.S. I am rank 11. I know what I am talking about.

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