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  • I live in Germany
  • I was born on April 18
  • My occupation is University Student
  • I am Male
  • MarioVX

    Hello fellow wikians,

    as most of you who also follow the Warframe subreddit surely have noticed, the prominent dataminer VoID_Glitch recently succeeded after months of hard work to decrypt the entirety of Warframe's mission rewards tables, with all possible rewards and their chances for every mission. You can find his submission on reddit here, make sure to check it out and thank him for this tremendous achievement.

    This warrants the question to what extent we may utilize this plethora of important information on the wiki.

    I'm familiar with the old datamining policies. However, with the publishing of datamined content by an administrator in his blog, I've had the impression that datamining has become somewhat accepted as a method of game mech…

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  • MarioVX

    Dear Community,

    in this blog post I'd like to present you a method that allows us to determine the damage type distributions, both in relative proportions to each other and in absolute magnitude, of enemies, without requiring their weapons being available as player weapons.

    The restriction to this method is that it only supports damage type distributions consisting of up to three different damage types and they must vary in their modifiers to player health-and-armor, armor and shields. Fortunately, this condition is complied for all weapons or damage sources that we know of, as they all consist either of a distribution of the three physical damage types, or of only one elemental damage type, with the so far singular exception of the Mire. As…

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  • MarioVX

    Dear community, 

    in this blog post, I'd like to share my thoughts about the melee combo counter system that is currently implemented into the game, and analyze its improvability.

    1. I will begin with a short recapitulation on how the system currently works.
    2. After that, I will evaluate this current system.
    3. In the end, I will provide some suggestions on how this system can be improved.

     The current melee combo system counts your current number of consecutive melee hits, i.e. hits with less than 3 seconds interval inbetween, and provides you a damage multiplier based on those hits according to the following formula:  M(h) = floor ( 2 * log9 ( h * 27/5 ) ) / 2  - defined for h greater than or equal to 2. M(0)=M(1)=1. Due to the floor function used, M(h…

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