• MetalMan99

    Syndicate Augments & Weapon Mods [If anyone sees mistakes or gaps in thinking here please comment and if you have suggestions or see something that could be done better, or any mistakes, please contribute.  I'm new at this so be gentle.]

    When Syndicates came along I was skeptical and resistant, thinking it would't be worth the pain (not to mention GRIND) to get there.  But now I have come around and am really liking what Syndicates have brought to the game.  For instance, I love taking my time doing the Syndicate Exterminate missions Solo with Loot Detector and/or Thief's Wit equipped and hunting down all the Medallions / Seeds or whatever cause it gives me a chance to practice Parkour and explore all the maps.

    In particular the Augment Mods s…

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