Syndicate Augments & Weapon Mods

[If anyone sees mistakes or gaps in thinking here please comment and if you have suggestions or see something that could be done better, or any mistakes, please contribute.  I'm new at this so be gentle.]

When Syndicates came along I was skeptical and resistant, thinking it would't be worth the pain (not to mention GRIND) to get there.  But now I have come around and am really liking what Syndicates have brought to the game.  For instance, I love taking my time doing the Syndicate Exterminate missions Solo with Loot Detector and/or Thief's Wit equipped and hunting down all the Medallions / Seeds or whatever cause it gives me a chance to practice Parkour and explore all the maps.

In particular the Augment Mods seem more interesting to me now and I wanted to practice blogging so I decided to start this page and give my input about the various Augment Mods and how they are best exploited. I'll add to this as I try different Augments.  I don't have them all yet but I'll add as I go along.



Fire Fright

This mod states 100% Panic proc with Fire Blast damage.  Well the problem with Fire Blast in the first place is that it's a ring of fire that only deals damage to enemys on the ring and not IN it.  While experimenting with this mod it seems like a lot of infested get across it without Panic proc'ing.  However when the ability is deployed every enemy in the vicinity (and even some outside the ring) burst into flames.
Overall: Unless I discover something new about Fire Fright, I'm not impressed.


Irradiating Disarm

My Loki build, like most others I'm sure, is duration.  It can still be modded for range to take advantage of Disarm but not max range without sacrificing Duration and with that goes Invisibility.  One of the advantages of Invisibility is the Stealth multi with melee attacks.  Disarmed enemys are forced to melee, and if they are Irradiated it makes it even easier to kill them.  With that said I became painfully aware of how squishy Loki is when not Invisible, not to mention how many hits it takes to take down a level 35 Bombard without the Stealth multi.  This augment syncs well with Loki's Invisibility, extending duration for one only benefits the other.  Throwing on an Overextended and a Stretch only makes it better because as far as Radiation is concerned, a proc is a proc is a proc - you just don't need power Strength with your Loki.
Overall: Find a mix between Duration and Range that you can live with and Irradiating Disarm will be a permanent part of your Loki build.

Mag/Mag Prime

Greedy Pull

I don't really have to say much about this other than it's freeking awesome.  Ever since I put this on my Mag Prime I wondered how I would ever be able to stand using any other frame without it.  Maxing out Range to 235% and keeping Strength, Efficiency and Duration close to or better than defaults also made me realize how much damage potential Mag has!  Seriously, at the end of almost any mission I would have the highest damage percentage in the squad by a large margin.  Of course this is facilitated by the "energy on demand" as well as pulling health orbs in that normally would be unseen much less attainable without Greedy Pull.
Then you can get creative.  Jumping straight up, executing melee a attack and getting as much air as possible and performing a pull at the apex of the jump creates a hilarious shower of loot, especially after a minute or two of no pulls during a Defense mission with a Mesa... Then, while it might be only funny for the onlookers, pulling the loot pile all around, making noobs chase it is good for a few laughs and especially entertaining with another Greedy Pull Mag:
"It's mine", the loot flies across the room,
"No, it's my loot", the loot blinks across the room again followed by the newbies....
"It's mine and I'm taking it back!", as the loot zips past the pursuing warframes ...
Well, at least that's the way it used to be...
...RIP Greedy Pull
Overall: Greedy Pull has been changed drastically since the days when I first wrote that review.  Now it only pulls loot that is in a lne of site to Mag and it only pulls it to Mag, not the other players.  With Carrier's Vacuum precept, wasting a slot for this mod is, well, wasting a slot especially since (sssssssssh) Vacuum will pull anything through anything, even if it's in a normally inaccessible place.

Fracturing Crush

So this mod adds to Mag's ultimate ability 7 seconds of immobilization and 50% armor reduction to all surviving enemies.  Mag has always been known as a "non durational" frame.  Exploiting the Corrupted Mods such as Transient Fortitude and Fleeting Expertise has no effect on Pull, Shield Polarize or Crush.  However, by using these mods with Fracturing Crush it's benefit is practically non-existent.  It's really unfair I feel, it's almost like buying a coke and realizing it's a diet coke after you've got back on the freeway, you almost want to throw it out the window.  The same goes for Fracturing Crush.  I got it, put it on and thought "wow I'm gonna kick ass now".  No.  For this augment to work you have to keep your duration at least within 5% of defaut just to get 7 seconds of function!!  "What the hell?  Seriously? Completely Useless."  was my first impression.  But after playing musical chairs with my mods I realized I can sacrifice a little power Strength, keep power Range and jack up Duration to actually make use of Fracturing Crush.  In a mid to high level Void Defense Mission having 10 seconds of 50% armor reduction added on to a couple of Corrosive Projection Auras  and 10 seconds of Immobilization can be a pretty damn cool thing.  Even though the surviving enemies (most of them do survive especially if you give up power Strength) can still shoot at you, mowing them down like tall grass is a piece of fluffy sweet cake.
If you were to build your Mag for Duration you would be looking at a build similar to your Loki.  Using Primed Continuity, Constitution, Narrow Mindedand a couple Corrosive Projection Auras and the Fracturing Crush augment becomes very powerful.  Combine it with a Disarming Loki and your level 60 Corrupted Bombards become cute little sitting ducks.  But with that said, if you have level 60 mobs swarming in, anything more than 7 seconds and all the immobilized ducks you have in front of you are gonna be joined by twice as many un-immobilized friends.
Overall: This mod takes some getting used to but it can be worked into a Maxed Range build with some shuffling around of mods.  It is increasingly useful in proportion to increasing Duration (to a point) and can even allow a well rounded Mag build because maximizing Duration isn't necessary.