While I normally remain silent on large quantities of what goes on in warframe, I have been driven to speech due to what looms in the future. What other topuc could be discused besides the multishot nerf.

For those that don't know about the multishot nerf it is a "fix" for a bug related to multishot that increases ammo consumption based off of the number of bullets fired. i.e. if you use both multishot mods for secondaries you get %180 multishot, which means every time you press the trigger 2 or 3 ammunition will be consumed.

This nerf not only messes with large amounts of builds for weapons, but also breaks several. For example, if i were to use the tigris with its 120% multishot with hells chamber theres a chance i fire 3 rounds with only a 2 round magazine. Then theres also the vectis, which would suffer a similar problem.

Assuming somehow DE can fix this issue, it still gives the weapons an advantage over something like the hek whose 4 round magazine would be expended in one shot (which does a significantly lower amount of damage) and have a longer reload tike compared to other weapons with one round or effectively one round magazines.

The primary problem however is the mentality DE has towards "fixing" anything in warframe. Its always "these people complain about this, lets nerf it so hard it becomes impossible to use." Some nerfs are warranted, for example the covert lethality working with exalted blade, however that doesn't mean that all non-generic melee mods should not work, especially since its mainly a small damage boost or a status increase.

The way nerfs should be handled is instead of decimating something thats "op" you buff other things to compensate. The shotgun, excalibur, and frost reworks are a perfect example of this. Instead of making multishot completely useless (lets be honest, the real enemy of late game is ammo) buff other options to be viable, or create new mods that are just as useful.

Lets take a look at the soma prime. Currently the optimal build is split chamber, serration, heavy caliber, fire rate mod, point strike, vital sense, and your two elemental mods. Some possible buffs would be increase the viability of punchthrough, or create a mod that is the opposite of multishot. Instead of firing many bullets, fire one with higher damage. Both mods would be equally viable, however their functionality would be different. Multishot would work better on large groups of enemies due to the natural spread, and the other mod would work better against single targets and when going for crit spots.

Edit: a recommended slight nerf to multishot woukd be to increase the spread slightly. This would justify the use of another mod for increased damage.

TL:DR- instead of nerfing DE should buff or create other things just as viable.

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