• Metamushroom
    General info----------------

    Name of the warframe comes from phrase: tanin no tame ni jibun o gisei ni shimasui
    Which means roughly: I will sacrifice myself for others
    The warframe would be like berserker / tank warframe.
    Jibun would not be general mainstream tank character.
    His tanking mechanism would be "dealing tons of damage"™. (sorry for pun)
    If I would go deeper into this mechanism...
    His abilities involve him to deal damage in order to regain health.
    All of his abilities would be low cost high efficiency.
    But there is slight penalties if you wont deal damage with the ability
    or during the ability you will lose hp or shield.
    This mechanic would make Jibun high skill cap character.
    Jibun would also have new mechanic called something like:

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