General info----------------

Name of the warframe comes from phrase: tanin no tame ni jibun o gisei ni shimasui
Which means roughly: I will sacrifice myself for others
The warframe would be like berserker / tank warframe.
Jibun would not be general mainstream tank character.
His tanking mechanism would be "dealing tons of damage"™. (sorry for pun)
If I would go deeper into this mechanism...
His abilities involve him to deal damage in order to regain health.
All of his abilities would be low cost high efficiency.
But there is slight penalties if you wont deal damage with the ability
or during the ability you will lose hp or shield.
This mechanic would make Jibun high skill cap character.
Jibun would also have new mechanic called something like:
"conjured weapon". Which means one or several of his abilities would
replace his weapons with strong weapon with unique moveset which
would not last for long.


The Jibun warframe was created to boost one's physicall properties but it was abandoned due to lack of knowledge and other unknown reasons. Jibun's blueprint was found some time ago from possession of Grineer squad. Once reclaimed Tenno's started wondering why would Grineer want this kind of technology. Tenno scientist's found out that Jibun's technology didn't work quite like planned. It boosted the power of all muscles so much that it generated intense hatred.
Also unintended feature was that the frame leeches will/lifeforce from subjects in contact directly with it.
The frame generates so much hatred that it will drive anyone crazy... Only way of releasing it is seppuke. This is why scientists added feature that heals user of the frame damaged by seppuke utilising frames natural habit of leeching will/lifeforce.
They also fused fragments of legendary blade into the frames because they found out it helps to stabilise the hatred it generates and gives the ability to conjure masamune sword.


First ability:

Controlled rage: Jibun gathers his concealed hatred and transfers it into his melee weapon(s).
During this state Jibuns all attacks with his melee weapons will heal him % of damage dealt but after x missed attacks or after short amount of time with no damage dealt Jibun starts losing health.

Second ability:

Wakizashi: Jibun draws his wakizashi (short samurai sword) and tries to stab his enemies infront of him dealing heavy damage on hit. If wakizashi kills enemy/enemies all their hatred infuses with wakizashi making it stronger based on how many enemies it killed with this 1 blow. Wakizashi also heals jibun % of damage dealt or damages his shield/health if it misses based on the damage it would deal(so basically you could almost one shot yourself if this ability misses or atleast lose your shield depending how strong it would be). This ability would be semi spammable with moderate cooldown and moderate energy cost.

Third ability:

Call Honjo Masamune: Jibun conjures Honjo Masamune. The weapon will replace all weapons and last short time but it will be enchanted with Jibuns rage making it super long and super fast to swing(x amount of fire rate depending on rank) but it will deal moderate damage(Like x flat amount per rank + 85%~ of your melee weapons damage).


Masamune impalement: Jibun conjures legendary blade Honjo Masamune using the fragments as seed. Then he jumps into air throwing all enemies right next to him into air. When he lands masamune will shatter impaling all enemies near dealing moderate damage and slowing them for x seconds.

Fourth ability:

Kyokutan'na seppuku(Extreme "stomach-cutting" ancient ritual among samurai): Jibun sacrifices himself for others and to release overwhelming hatred. Jibun Conjures Honjo Masamune without rage enchanting it and then pushing it through his stomach and body. When he does this he releases the hatred inside him damaging itself and dealing heavy damage to everything around him depending on his remaining health gathering "souls" of the fallen to heal himself / rescurrect him. Upgrading this ability reduces damage treshold to rescurrect yourself / heal yourself to full health.


Engulfing Hatred: Jibun forces out all the hatred inside him partially exposing his skin. The hatred generates all engulfing energy mass around him dealing heave damage/sec to everything inside it including him excluding allied frames. this damage is reduced

by x% the more units there is inside it. Also Jibun takes x% more damage from any source the longer he keeps it activated.


I will be updating and revamping this idea/every section constantly + I will make rough concept art for the frame

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