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  • Metroidman12311

    TL;DR read bold info

    I've been wondering what is better for t3 defence and farming defence endgame. I have every weapon, excluding primes, in the game at my disposal and would like to know what works best for these situations. I also have plenty of plantinum to buy forma and other things to help make the weapons better.

    I used to think the flux was better but when I used the flux and supra with the same mods on a t3 exterminate I found that the supra did more damage at the cost of ammo. with the factor of armour scaling exponentionally in the higher waves of defence I think this would affect the supra's damage and make it much worse of than the flux. how does armour work in the higher waves?

    primary weapon for t3 defence and primary for endgame…

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  • Metroidman12311

    trading cards

    July 24, 2013 by Metroidman12311

    I'm wanting to trade for some warframe trading cards 1:1 for other cards in my inventory from steam. I feel I need more warframe on my profile to show my support and my affection for the game. thanks in advance to anyone that can help me make some steam badges

    all the cards I have are here

    if this is the wrong place or if it is not allowed on the wikia then I will remove this.

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