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I've been wondering what is better for t3 defence and farming defence endgame. I have every weapon, excluding primes, in the game at my disposal and would like to know what works best for these situations. I also have plenty of plantinum to buy forma and other things to help make the weapons better.

I used to think the flux was better but when I used the flux and supra with the same mods on a t3 exterminate I found that the supra did more damage at the cost of ammo. with the factor of armour scaling exponentionally in the higher waves of defence I think this would affect the supra's damage and make it much worse of than the flux. how does armour work in the higher waves?

primary weapon for t3 defence and primary for endgame? most people will say armour piercing weapons only but I'm asking for the best weapon for t3 defence and the best weapon for endgame waves. I'm thinking supra or flux but I'm open to any and all suggestions and setups but tell me why it's better than what I'm thinking.

what mods do you recommend for primary? my supra is forma'd enough to have a amour pierce(max), fire(max), ice(60%), electric(75%), and base damage mods but my serration is only at 105% right now. it also has an ammo mutation(max), fire rate(max), and split chamber(75%) mod. I've yet to forma my flux rifle but I'd do the same loadout but replace the fire rate with shred for penetration or wildfire for the damage. I'm open for ideas as I have most of the mods as well.

secondary weapon? I'm thinking the acrid would be the best over all secondary weapon for anything with a lot of health. again, I'm open to anything but just make sure you back up why the weapon is better.

secondary mods? I'm still forma'ing my acrid but I'll do the same thing as the primary for mods.base, fire, ice, and electricity damage with barrel diffusion and lethal torrent for 180% multishot. the last two mod slots will most likely be ice storm and trick mag.

melee? I'm most likely not going to use this at all but I'm open to suggestions such as the speed of the slide attack from the dual zoren or the ridiculus charge damage of the orthos.

melee mods? again not really caring that much but the right mods with the right weapon can make a difference.

frame mods and team setup? I have every frame maxed at 30 and forma'd a few times so everything is open but I'd most likely use nova with maxed abilities, shields, flow, streamline, stretch, focus, and 320% health (I have enough points to max it as well but I'm usig the cores for damage mods right now). team set up for me would be frost, nyx, nova, vauban for t3 defence and frost/vauban, nyx, nova, rhino for endgame defence waves.

I use dethcube and he has the same set up as my supra does but has a free slot due to not needing an ammo mod.

ingame inventory? I never really use my items so I'm unsure of what to use and wether I can just buy a bunch of ammo boxes so I can just keep using them.

that should be everything so please, by all means, give me some info into what is the best for t3 defence and engame defence waves. thank you in advance and good luck in your future battles fello tenno.


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