I've been playing a few missions and there was just one thing I can say. The Corpus, are ridiculously overpowered with their brand new shining Flux Rifle with that infinite ammo. I've played the Arid Fear even and my tactic at that time was:

1. Run in as fast as I can

2. Use Rhino Stomp

3. kill everything

but now, they just swarm around in a single enclosed room, and I cant even do this, the room is too wide for my stomp yet not wide enough to run away from these Flux, this got me killed several times. There had also been times when I was using my Loki and got killed while Invisible because a random Grineer will pop up and the Corpus will use their super beams to fry me into a welldone Warframe. So what are your ideas on the Grineer vs Corpus

shorter version: I think the Corpus are overpowered, what are your ideas

edit: seems like using Loki/Ash was a bad idea, Nova makes life a lot more easier. The Napalms and Evis-whatever also hit quite hard, it's not that hard now, was just really annoying when I go invis and the Elite Crewmen hit me because there was a Grineer walking behind me

edit 2: I've been playing with my Nyx for a while now, seems to work wonders, try jumping in and using Absorb as much as possible, it's hilarious

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