• Mikami134

    Looking at the stats and requirements, the shaku is ridiculous. No one would want to sacrfice a better weapon (the ninkondi) AND a forma to make this. However, after some brainstorming and a few calculations i've found myself a good build for high armored enemy types. Please keep in mind that this is my first blog, so your advices will be greatly recieved. Here's the build.

    Stance : Atlantis Vulcan

    Utility mods : Maiming Strike ; Berserker ; Pressure Point ; Shattering Impact

    Damage mods : Virulent Scourge ; Voltaic Strike ; Fever Strike ; Shocking Touch

    The stance is pretty obvious as it is the only one available. Maiming Strike provides 90% ADDITIVE crit chance on slide attacks for a total of 9>7.5% crit chance. This, combined with the fact …

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