• Mikino917

    What should be great?

    February 13, 2015 by Mikino917

    • Currently i think the best things on warframe are those many updates and mostly the creativity. 
    every new update (even the reinforcements) bring something entirely new. For example mutalist Salad. Even panthera is a realy cool weapon (at least i thing :/ (dont have it (im lazy :D )))
    • THE LORE
    (that is optional)
    for me its soooo cool that we have that much lore and we still getting more! yeah boy stolen dreams and sentients :3 !
    for me this is very important staff. i dont realy like runing like rambo with my rhino :D  i like assassins, snipers and hunters. Still miss hunter frame I WANT IT SOO BAD!! :D
    But what im trying to say is that there are so many options. Everyone can play what ever he wants.
    • And the most importa‚Ķ

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